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Esoteric Astrology as news for week January 24-30, 2008

Pluto Enters Capricorn as Mercury Retrogrades

The week astrologers have been writing about has arrived.

On Friday at 6:37 pm (Pacific time) Pluto enters Capricorn; Monday at 12:31 pm
(lunchtime), Mercury retrogrades (24 degrees Aquarius); and Wednesday,
2:32 pm, Mars is stationary direct (25 degrees Gemini). I suggest
everyone simply stand by and observe what occurs this week. It will be
the beginning of unprecedented events. In the news as of this writing
everyone’s using the word “recession.” Yes, that’s occurring and Pluto
in Capricorn is why.

From previous articles on this website we know that Pluto entering
Capricorn will transform our entire (global) economic, political and
governmental institutions. Pluto is Ray 1 and its force first destroys
(what is no longer useful for the new era must be dismantled) before
it creates anew. The way humanity does business, from now until 2024,
will undergo a radial transformation (Pluto) and the structures we
depend upon for our material well being, will be restructured.

In Aquarius, the sign of Goodwill and of Serving Humanity, we are all
called to serve. Here’s a way to play a game and feed the world. It’s
the vocabulary game that feeds rice to the poor through the United
Nations World Food program. Everyone’s playing it. It’s fun! Go to
http://www.freerice.com/. Have an online dictionary nearby. Free Rice
is a sister to Poverty.com where we can see how much international aid
each country is giving. All readers (New Group of World Servers and
men and women of Goodwill) write and tell me how many rice grains you
have donated. We’ll keep a tally. (read more on Pluto in Capricorn,
Mercury retro, and the week’s Celestial Events at

ARIES: Mercury retro in your chart is creating a double Aquarian
influence. You may feel zapped by electrical charges. If this occurs,
take Aconite (homeopathy) which grounds electricity. You will review
future plans, hopes, dreams and wishes. You will also assess the
groups you affiliate with. Do you serve them, do they serve you? How
can you do better? You can love more is the answer. The future is
looking for you.

TAURUS: A new reality unfolds in your daily life and daily work. In
the coming weeks you will reflect upon labor, your occupation,
profession, employment, what you are called to do and what is yours to
do. Money will be the focus, which is correct to ponder upon at this
time. Something about communication and publishing, education, and
bringing the Ancient Wisdom to humanity. A door also closes.

GEMINI: Have daily intentions to focus more deeply upon clear
communication because thoughts could go astray and misunderstandings
with others could occur. You know not to make important decisions and
to pay attention to all negotiations. You also know not to gossip for
then you display a flawed Mercury. You are God’s messenger even as you
masquerade as Heyoka, the jester/trickster. Careful traveling.

CANCER: Unforeseen changes in plans and can make for great
frustration. Attempt to take these in stride and remember they will
pass. All things previous to the retro will comes to fruition and firm
decisions made prior to the retro will actually be implemented. This
will be refreshing. Tend to finances during this time. The outcome
will be good.

LEO: Mercury retrograde is in Aquarius, opposite your sign. Therefore
it is affecting your relationships. A searchlight is shining there and
also a wound seeking recovery. Neptune’s at home there, too,
attempting to spiritualize and/or refine relationships. Some will
dissolve. Then Vesta has your heart set on something or someone and
then the Mercury retro appears. Are you thinking of a past someone?
They are too.

VIRGO: Your keen mind will review, reorganize and reflect upon what
the world (and yours in particular) needs and how you can improve it.
Notice you’re seeing through a different filter. Revelations may occur
and lead to deep introspective thinking. It’s best to journal these
experiences for communicating them could be difficult. More will be
understood when Mercury is direct. For now, introspection is your main

LIBRA: As you tend to your home (or attempt to buy, rent or seek where
home is) waves of creativity flow into and through you and should you
dedicate yourself to this, a certain wound may lessen and a new fire
will burn within you, a Vesta fire like those in ancient temples.
Something occurs concerning your base or foundation. It’s being
transformed, as is your daily life.

SCORPIO: Careful communicating with those close to you, especially
intimates, family and children. There could be arguments due to
miscommunication with no one understanding the meanings and intentions
of everyday ideas and words. Because you’re reading this and
understand the astrological predicament during Mercury retro, be the
keen observer and the one who explains the astrology. You can do this.
The Mysteries are another word for Scorpio.

SAGITTARIUS: Thoughts, ideas, and people from the past show up in ways
most unusual. At work meetings could be delayed or cancelled. Make no
extra plans or agendas. They could feel like a pressure to everyone.
And whatever is planned won’t work out anyway. Maintain humor. This
will assist in any misunderstandings that might arise when idle
chatter runs rampant. Gently shift any criticism.

CAPRICORN: While continuing to work toward the most perfect work
situation, hold off any decisions concerning money and finances. Make
sure you have created and work with a monthly budget. At each month’s
end review your money flow. All things can be adjusted but only when
you know what how your money is being used. You will continue to seek
different ways to bring in income. Rely on your true inner principles.

AQUARIUS: During the next several weeks you will be very introspective
and this will provide insight into how you truly feel and what your
values really are. Feeling more intelligent and original you’ll seek
greater independence and freedom. After this retrograde and unusual
ideas will emerge. Speak with others also interested in pursuing a new
direction. Writing for you is in the stars.

PISCES: Changes, revisions and adjustments will occur this year and
they begin this week as Mercury retrogrades. It’s best to move through
these weeks with the intention of ‘non-reaction’ so that the winds of
change gather and flow around you with no resistance. Maintaining the
stance of the observer allows for life to remain calm and orderly.
Observe and record all inner realities. At the end of the next three
weeks new information shines forth.

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