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For January 17-24, 2008

Aquarius sun

Planetary activity and energies are building this week, preparing us for next week when Mercury retrogrades on Monday, Mars turns direct on Wednesday and Pluto enters Capricorn on Jan. 25. On Sunday, sun enters Aquarius, which will assist us in responding intelligently (not reacting emotionally) to the coming changes.

Thursday and Friday there will be talk of wounds and talk of healing. Saturday evening we’ll seek love. Sunday our future needs nurturing and comfort. Home is a good place to be. Monday, is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. The Aquarius full moon will occur Tuesday morning. Wednesday’s Leo moon makes everyone a rock star. Relationships and money transmute and transform. Be steadfast, everyone. (See 2008 Winter Season’s Planetary Guide and Overview
at www.nightlightnews.com.)

ARIES: It’s a complicated yet good week. Emphasis is on work, groups and friends. Lots of praise and recognition may be given and continue for many months. Be careful. Glamours and illusions (emotional and mental distortions) can occur when excessive praise is given to us. To ensure this doesn’t occur, for each praiseful event in your life concerning you, provide two statements of praise to
others. Humility then proceeds accordingly.

TAURUS: Your life has completely changed and will continue to for months.
A liberated reality has suddenly emerged providing you with freedom to
pursue future tasks and serve in ways different than before. Amidst
sadness there is great healing. Where there seems to be confusion, realize
you are transitioning from darkness to light, from the unreal to the real.
We also want to thank you for your uncommon work providing comfort for

GEMINI: Careful with relationships. Radiate love. Banish criticism. This may be difficult. Seek solitude for your peace of mind. If angry, inform loved ones you’re in a state of emotional difficulty. Ask to be listened to with no responses and questions to further understanding. Ask for unconditional neutrality. Your mind is shifting to higher dimensions, but first it has to tend to emotions long held and perhaps unknown. This is a cleansing time.

CANCER: Something lovely comes your way. I don’t know what it may be. Some
say money. It might be something else. Look for gifts from others. Subtle ones, big ones, small ones. The ones you often don’t recognize. You are carefully observing money and finances in order to stay within budget, but there are so many to nurture and so many to buy for. You’ll do both and receive more in return than you could possibly give.

LEO: Whatever you’re doing, the questions you have and the thoughts you’re considering are all enhanced if shared with someone close. Was there a struggle with power several weeks ago? Now the focus may be romance. Either you’ve forgotten it exists, you’re seeking it quite fiercely, or you have it and don’t know what to do with it. Concentrate on this dilemma and it will soon be solved. Elsewhere, is there a business situation pending?

VIRGO: It could be that you are your home and your home is you. Your home is where your spiritual identity is formed. I would create a temple room, where the tools and structures of your spirituality are set out for others to see and for you to spend time around. Dedicating one’s home (or a room) to spiritual endeavors blesses the home and those who live in it. I have a friend in India who has dedicated his entire home to the Christ. Ohm. His life is joyful even amidst distress and turmoil.

LIBRA: There’s something you’re looking forward to. Perhaps travel or visiting areas you consider beautiful. A great surge of creativity will come forth in the next month. You may be working with feelings of hurt as they work their way toward healing. Some things you find deeply and spiritually important will soon be available. In your joy, you will bless it all and be blessed in return.

SCORPIO: Don’t fret if a financial issue appears. In time it will come to an end because you know what’s best. You will tend to mother and or home with focus and detail not often required except perhaps once or twice in our lives. You will experience direction, endurance and purpose. During these last 12 to 15 years, being dedicated to a deep internal task, you have done impeccable work. You are now free.

SAGITTARIUS: You are thinking of the future. Do so in small increments not large ones. You know your large needs. Now the small ones will take you step by step toward your future. There is a connection between your profession and your finances. Are they in order? If so, are you tithing? If so, are you saving? If so, have you planned for retirement? If so, it’s time to write your will. Co all of this, step by step. Get new shoes.

CAPRICORN: Have you taken the necessary steps concerning the work you really want to do? It’s time to enter the gate, climb that mountain (literally for some a drive up a mountain is involved), to communicate your vision and to ask if there’s “room for you at the inn.” There is. The full moon brings a revelation. Perhaps it’s about your ability to teach others. You’ll need to learn something, too. Both occur simultaneously.

AQUARIUS: More spiritual and religious realities will enter into your mind and heart. These will assist you in understanding and accepting your true self. There will be less fear, no resistance and a new prosperity will emerge. Observe and record any new thoughts and understandings for they are the beginnings of compassion, dispassion and empathy, soul qualities. A special person may enter your life. A teacher.

PISCES: The future, what you hope, wish, long for and need, must be concentrated upon. Do this by creating a written and pictorial journal, a day-keeper that defines the next years of your life. Know that your life is within a group with its friendships, challenges and values. It’s your sangha. A cherished dream begins its progressive precipitation into form and matter. What would that dream be for you?

Risa D’Angeles is founder and director of the Esoteric and Astrological Studies and Research Institute. Contact Risa at risa@surfnetusa.com or go to nightlightnews.com. For Risa’s complete column go to www.freeweekly.com.

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