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White exits UA leadership post, Krystal’s Coming, the Northwest Arkansas Naturals and more

A younger, more personable face is needed at the University of Arkansas in the chancellor’s chair to replace John White who resigned last week. While the debates rages on (and will continue to do so as to why White stepped down), hopefully the trustees and the administration will look for a man of the people, a “face” if you will for the UA. And here’s is why.

The UA needed John White, a guy who had big dreams and ideals. He knew the school needed $$ and he went out the shook the trees and hired the right people to lure that Billion Bucks. White had some real dreams of academic excellence, which were partly fulfilled. But he was not a warm and fuzzy kind of guy who appealed to the public and convinced folks that the UA was the state’s best place to send little Johnny or Janie. Yes, White is a nice guy, but just look at the persona of Lu Hardin at UCA. That’s what the UA needs, someone who can play on a state, regional and national level. An academician, yes, but a PR kind of guy who can get
the UA’s student growth and reputation back on track.

More and more students in Benton County are staying home at NWACC. More and more students in the Sebastian County area are at staying at UA Fort Smith… well, you get the idea.

Fayetteville baseball fans need to be upset and feel slighted by the Royals Baseball Caravan heading to NWA on Jan. 17. Seems like the Royals will be in Bentonville, Rogers and Springdale, but not Fayetteville. The one-day triple event starts with
a breakfast meeting at the Bentonville Public Library sponsored by the Bentonville/Bella Vista Chamber, then on to the Wal-Mart Supercenter on Walnut Street in Rogers and then to the Chickendale Holiday Inn (Springdale’s only skyscraper) for a noon meal.

As a friend found out, giving the taxi company your cell phone number can lead to some text messages with you paying the charges. One company says that you will only receive discount coupons, but oh, you will receive more, many more ads and offers…and not for taxi service.

Yes, fans of the Krystal burger, Springdale will soon have a Krystal. The location is near the U.S. 412 “Y” intersection in a tiny little building that was once home to the Rally’s Drive In and later a Shakey’s. The redo looks nice and who doesn’t want a sack full of Krystal Burgers?

Those who were in Fayetteville before Houston Nutt and John White, can remember when the Lindsey Mercantile on the corner of Hwy 265 and
Mission Blvd. was the place to stop, buy gas and go. There is major work being done out there. Stay tuned.

The word out of Springdale is that the ticket sales for the NW Arkansas Naturals does have some lift and that the Royals Caravan this week, will help kick
off the drive. Good luck. Work on the ballpark is going well, but what about the roads out to the park?

Word is that fundraising for the KUAF building rehab is about to really kick off.  Any million dollar angels out there who love Public Radio are welcome. KUAF’s move to a spot across from the Fayetteville Public Library, speaks volumes for location, location, location. Listen and learn, that’s what Daddy W. says about National Public Radio.

The Fayetteville mayor seems to have picked up on an item Daddy W. has asked about before and talked with aldermen about over the years: earlier opening hours for liquor stores. Why is there a 10 a.m. opening time for liquor stores only in Fayetteville? This is a problem when a Razorback game kicks off early. Arriving tailgaters from downstate can’t believe the 10 a.m. opening time. It seems that Sam’s Club is now ringing the bell wanting the time changed. The mayor says he’ll revisit this issue.

Wal-Mart rarely stumbles when it opens new revenue streams, but the retail giant recently backed out of the on-line movie rental business and they didn’t lay all the blame on technology. The retailer doesn’t take too much time to look at a high horseshoe. If it don’t make money, they let it go.

Daddy W. found it ironic that among all the “tribute sections” and “congratulations” ads for outgoing UA Athletic Director Frank Broyles, the smallest ad was from the War Memorial Stadium Commission in Little Rock. It wasn’t that they don’t have the $$ (from taxpayers) to spend. It just goes to show that some folks still want UA games in Little Rock.

Clark Long and Associates has inked a deal with a large private real estate companies, Weichert Realtors. What does this mean? Can there be a new player in the local market? Watch and see.

Talks begin anew on the status of Fayetteville High School. Will there be one or two high schools? And where? Remember how long it took to decide to build the Walton Arts Center, the Bud Walton Arena and enlarge Razorback Stadium? Heck, that’s the answer. The Fayetteville Board of Education better call on retired UA Coach and Athletic Director Emeritus Frank Broyles. He would not back up on expanding for the future. He’s a real visionary, something the School Board, at present, seems to be lacking.

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