Margaret Emenegger on Indigo Children and other new world issues

By Margaret Emenegger
In 1999 Lee Carroll and Jan Tober released their book “The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived.” Interested but only vaguely informed, I pounced on this book. For me it was actually more than interesting; it was a revelation; the missing piece of a personal puzzle.
Without over imposing on your good nature, let me say that it revealed itself as my life purpose, which I had long known would involve children and was probably the real reason I needed to return to Arkansas and leave Los Angeles. This was and is what God wants me to do, or so I tell myself. The task began.
Books were being published about Indigo Children, but oddly there was little media attention. The grace note came when as a member of the American Association of University Women I volunteered to mentor/teach at the late, great Jefferson Elementary School. Very quickly I got a “cold, greasy stare” at the state of elementary education as it is currently practiced.
I was appalled to discover that the children are being taught what to think, not how to think. The major emphasis is learning to take tests – it’s relentless, stressful and the kids numbly comply. They don’t ask questions. They can’t talk at lunchtime. No athletic programs. The school lunches…thank you Tyson dear, for all those processed chicken tenders. Who do I thank for that wallpaper paste poured over everything?
The word reform arose in my consciousness – major reform! I began to compose a tome, which now weights 12 pounds (a sacred number). I was Joan of Arc, armored-with flaming sword, off to the Governor’s office.
I met with several cordial, earnest people, but then the irony became all too clear. Why visit specialists who are in the position to help troubled, difficult or gifted kids when A) they often never heard of Indigos and B) possibly aren’t as smart as the kids who are often I.Q.ed off the charts while the instructors are left brained bureaucrats and C) are insisting on vaccinations, inoculations and Ritalin for kids who actually may be chemically imbalanced as a result of pharmaceutical tyranny. The biggest profit sector for all pharmaceuticals is drugs for children. Denial is more that a river in Egypt, N’est-ce pas?
Please let me assure you that I know that there are concerned, inspired, creative, gifted passionate teachers out there. Think of young Justin Minkel, (who must be an Indigo himself). He’s a nationally recognized second grade teacher in Springdale who has used the game of chess to teach seven year olds to learn the three R’s. Formerly Readin‘, Ritin’ and Rithmetic’, today it’s more like “Readin‘, Ritin’ and Ritalin. While some may teach for the salary, it’s true missionary work for the inspired, and probably desperation for the rest.
The $143 million that Beebe allocated for early education would doubtless assist political careers including his, even if he is a nice guy. I kept hearing those bone chilling terms; ‘transparency’ and ‘accountability’ and later ‘added value.’ In the meanwhile the students and teachers will continue to circle the drain. So let me get right to it.
This abysmal situation was to serve the burgeoning population of children known as Indigo or New Kids, who are showing amazing, unprecedented changes in cognitive, psychological and even philosophical (think green, multicultural) abilities and traits. More than 95 percent of kids born since the 1980’s all have Indigo traits to some degree.
P.H.M. Atwater in the book “Beyond the Indigo Children, The New Children and The Coming of the Fifth World” tells us that these kids exemplify a quantum jump in the human family and of course the status quo’s inability to understand and deal with it.
It’s a complex, worldwide phenomenon, which cannot truly be understood or appreciated without understanding the unique and profound historical situation now affecting the whole of mankind, the so called “Shift of the Ages.” The why and what is the actual underpinning of the who, I call it ‘The children shall lead the way’.
From Atwater: “According to prophecy the fifth sun of the fifth world of the Mayan calendar moves into ascension on December 21, 2012. This date represents a gateway of planetary development that will open humanity to new ways of living and a new world of opportunity. Ancient traditions have foretold that our successful passage through this gateway depends on ‘the fifth root race,’ a new stock in the human gene pool – destined to help us through the exciting massive changes ahead.”
It all has to do with the earth’s wobble and the slow movement of everything to the galactic center. It all began according to the Mayans on August 11, 3114BC. All doubletalk aside “The present world age will end and a new world age will begin.” There you have it – 2012. A new God game.
It’s all in the Bible, especially the cryptic “Revelations” and in coded language, which has obscured the true meaning and led to heavy misunderstanding, like the “wedding feast” which demands attendees have “a garment without spot.” Apparently a few million have this dress code requirement.
“The dead who will arise from their graves” are the dead between the ears, the clueless. A few of them will wake up just in time it seems. Still dead? See’ ya. Hint; overcome fear, dogma, ignorance and embrace gratitude and forgiveness, anyway, it’s a start. Eventually, everyone will transcend, maybe not just now.
Many of the Indigo Children say they have received an SOS from Mother Earth. Maybe they are the ushers and flower girls at that wedding. Thanks Mom.
O.K. So are the Indigo Children the comic posse coming to rescue us? No! They are here to introduce a better way, new and better technologies, a return to ethics, increase our understanding in all fields, diminish polarities.
These children are so disgusted with school that they are dropping out of high school in droves and opting for GEDs. Many feel college is irrelevant because they know what they want and how to get it. They are doers and natural entrepreneurs even as little kids.
It’s these right brained kids who struggled in school, who gave us the internet, the gift that keeps on giving. The Tesla -Lotus car, one of their newest ideas, at a mere $200,000 will be out this year. Totally electric but behaves like a real sports car. (Not available in Fayetteville). George Clooney has made his down payment.
I suppose you’ll want to know the exact traits of these so-called “new kids” and what the heck is the difference between right and left brain, I’ll take left/right first, because that’s the major marker.
The right and left brain differences
I’ll quote from Bob Frissell’s book “Nothing in this Book is True but It’s Exactly the Way Things Are.”
“This is the paradigm clash dilemma It’s not a matter of how can education make children more creative and intuitive as it has already begun and is establishing itself as the new status quo.”
The dilemma lies in the right brained, the mostly ‘visual spatial learners,’ finding themselves in a left-brained rational/logical classroom with a left-brained instructor, principal and school board and a system screaming for “accountability.” Read: Politicians want to be re-elected, a totally left brained notion as Frissell so clearly points out.
Frissell says: “Your left hemisphere is always looking for evidence of your personal character. It wants feedback from your teacher or you employers, friends and family to assure it that it is superior or a least ok. It believes in objective tests (Read: “Benchmark”), I.Q. tests, and in standardized aptitude or achievement tests. It measures itself by material success in the form of a high paycheck, social status for facts to determine ones identity. It wants the evidence.
Or, it’s ok to be stupid if you’re rich.
Frissell compared the right to the left saying, “In contrast, the right brain doesn’t require evidence. It works from an inner feeling, an intuition….with it you have immediate knowledge of your inner state, and from it you form a self image that isn’t based on performance or on external traits that can be verified or denied.
“All human beings have both sides and both are necessary for life on this planet and in the third dimension. Modern society is very much dominated by left brain thinking. Our society emphases the logical left-brained functions in its educational institutions You go to school to learn to read and write, to learn arithmetic, by studying the facts of history. Intuition developing activities like music and art are forever in danger of losing their funding and meditation and prayer are ruled out altogether. It is as if society can’t figure out what to do with intuition. The result is we live in a largely fragmented technocratic world without vision or wholeness…we tend to be less developed intuitively than logically. We need a good dose of intuition whenever we can find it to set the balance right.”
Atwater stated that in her research she discovered these kids “suddenly know things unknown to them previously even complex scientific and mathematical epistemologies.”
For example, they are able to solve engineering problems without knowing how they did it …and then are accused of cheating. They fail in mathematics, physics and engineering classes because they can’t delineate how they arrived at their answers, Atwater says.
Get a copy of “Dumbing Down America” and “Why Johnny Can’t Read.” Then read Eugene Schwatz’s “Millennial Child, Transforming Education in the Twenty First Century.” Waldorf is the ideal school model. It’s Waldorf updated. Schwartz is available to educate and advise those who crave change. Sounds like a good idea.
One third of our kids are so-called visual-spatial learners and cannot learn or struggle valiantly with the left-brained audio approach to reading and spelling. Get a copy of “Upside Down Brilliance, The Visual Spatial Learner.” These kids learn visually and quickly. Remember, they are acutely intuitive.
Traits of Indigo Children
As for traits, I’ve already mentioned high I.Q., acute intuition, self confidence, resistance to authority, disputing commands when forced, irreverent to societal dogmas, spiritual not religious, in other words they may shun organized religion.
They will challenge left-brained attempts to control them, but their disorderly conduct and acting out is almost always attributable to drugs aimed at control and to toxins in inoculations.
Autism is up over 200 percent. Read Jenny McCarty’s new book “Louder Than Words, A Mother’s Journey in Healing Autism.” McCarty is a true light worker. We owe her supreme gratitude.
Change is needed
I hope to encourage the kind of help in Fayetteville that McCarty, with difficulty found in Los Angeles. There is a way, which I will explain, but terminally left-brained folk may not get it. It may offend them.
Margaret Mead, the late great sociologist said “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world, indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
Perhaps Mead didn’t realize that she was talking about the “Law of Attraction,” which is popular now in a commercial materialistic version in the best selling book and DVD “The Secret.”
It’s better to learn about it in Esther and Jerry Hicks’ “The Law of Attraction” from the teachings of Abraham. It’s the most powerful law in the universe. It is the basis of everything that comes into your experience, “like attracts like.”
By utilizing this universal law we can attract to our community what is wanted or needed. Quantum jump will do it. It only takes a few with focused passion desiring a chosen objective as Mead so wisely said. Let us call it “the square root of one percent” to create a local oasis of meaningful, positive, changes. The group version of the law. The universe is enhancing our natural gift of visualization at this time so, now is the time. Here are some suggestions.
1. No more mandated, unwanted inoculations for any citizens young or old. They are not what you were told. Consult Leonard Horowitz, one of my personal heroes. He’s a true light worker ( It will shock you, but you need to know.
2. Let’s get fluoride out of our water supply, the same way it got in, by voting.
3. Let’s get homeopathic doctors into our town. Better yet, let’s encourage a clinic to treat all childhood ailments affecting the “new kids.” Check Jenny McCarthy’s book, “DAN (Defeat Autism Now) Doctors.” You know, nutrition, detox, etc. Autism can be stopped. I say cured.
4. Do not allow the government (the ‘secret government,’ the real government) to inject us with a biochip. Check out David Icke ( It will poison your dreams, but we need to wake up or lose everything we hold dear. Hello 666.
5. Create a new kind of school for “new kids.” Difficult but possible. The law is the way.

I submit this message to concerned, thoughtful, committed citizens with “love and respect” as my teacher said every night and meant it.

Margaret Emnegger invites readers to contact her at ( and is willing to show the DVD’s that she assembled for the governor: “Indigo Evolution,” “2012 The Mayan Calendar,” “P.M.H. Atwater,” “ADHD 100% Fraud,” “Mind Control for Reasons of National Security,” and a Dr. Leonard Horowitz CD.

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