Risa's Astrology Jan. 10-17, 2008

Resting on the Mountaintop

Let us consider the next two weeks as days of rest (in the mountaintop) before the next astrological storms of change take place that will affect and influence humanity till 2024. At January’s end Pluto enters Capricorn, Mars turns direct and Mercury retrogrades!

Thursday Venus joins Chiron.
Relationships could feel hurtful to some. For others, resources and money
could be the sources of difficulty. Tending carefully to both creates a
holistic perspective so ease, comfort and healing can emerge. Whatever the
day brings, observe all interactions and let’s together have intentions
for Goodwill. Then we’ll all be working from the Ashram. Thursday is
Islamic New Year. It’s celebrated quietly. A major part of the holiday is
the telling of the hegira, Muhammad’s flight from Medina to Mecca. Friday
is Pisces moon. Saturday Venus squares Uranus and Mercury inconjuncts
Saturn. We’ll feel topsy-turvy. It’s best to be in a pool of warm Piscean

Sunday late afternoon moon enters self-determining Aries and through
Tuesday we shake off responsibilities.

Tuesday is Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday (celebrated next Monday).
King was Sun in Capricorn, Mercury in Aquarius, Moon and Venus in Pisces
(compassionate). King said he had “been to the mountaintop.” The
mountaintop experience is Capricorn, seeking the Light of the Sun so one
can serve humanity in Aquarius. Like Abraham Lincoln, King was an Avatar.
Wednesday Sun is inconjunct Mars retrograde. We won’t know what to do or
how to do it. Let’s pray that all’s well. Inshallah!

ARIES: You will ponder upon what it means to be professional and
successful, to be in the world, responsible and able to care for self and
others and you will be proud. Or else you will choose that from now on you
will succeed, enter into a state of professionalism and climb whatever
ladder is presented no matter how high. Or you will know you’re in service
to the new culture and civilization and serve even more.

TAURUS: It’s important to know more than what you know now and what you’ve
been schooled in. It’s important that your area of knowledge expand, your
cultural interests increase and your interaction with that which is
unknown to you multiply. Your life could become one long furrow where only
one plant is being sowed. We don’t want that. Are you satisfied with your
current way of life?

GEMINI: Let me ask if there are emotions within keeping you from parts of
your life you need to pursue? I think perhaps, yes, this is true. Your
life is reviewing itself, asking what are you capable of, what truths have
you been unable to face, and what progress can you take now? The deepest
of feelings you will encounter in the coming year. Hold onto the Soul.

CANCER: You will seek more intimacy with others, even though as you read
this you’ll say “eeeuuu” and cringe away from these words. However, this
will occur in good ways and you will make it happen. You’ll also take
steps to make right decisions concerning your needs and a state of balance
will emerge where you see all sides of all things. Then all judgments drop
forever and ever.

LEO: Some time soon (and sooner is best), you’ll swing into a strict
health regime that actually feels good as it will enhance your physical,
etheric (where everything begins), emotional, mental and spiritual
well-being. You’ll find you can be strict with yourself with exercise and
diet. You’ll be detailed, discriminating and dispassionate when making
decisions about yourself. You’ll actually reflect a high level of Virgo.

VIRGO: And you will reflect the energies of Leo, as Leo becomes Virgo. An
interesting paradox. You will feel confidence like never before and all
self-doubt will wither away. You’ll feel like you have the grace of a
dancer, the creativity of a Leo, the nurturing qualities of Cancer, and
the Right Human Relations of Libra. Now what is the most creative activity
you would secretly love to do?

LIBRA: You are taking time away from distractions and all that is
stressful in order to review your life, its possibilities, what you like
and don’t like, need and don’t need, what’s hurtful, painful and an event
and decision you haven’t been able to confront for several years. In this
semi-retreat which you badly need, you realize what must be done. Ok now,
be sure to be gentle with yourself (to be continued).

SCORPIO: Although you think and feel you can do anything and everything at
a moment’s notice it’s best if you don’t. Yes, you will feel like a
spirited wind blowing everywhere but if you’re not careful all your dreams
will walk out the door and you’ll remain, bereft (sad and lonely). What is
your energy level like? Is there a wound being felt? Keep walking.

SAGITTARIUS: You’re assessing your environments, asking are they aesthetic
and pleasing enough. You’re looking at yourself and asking how do I value
myself? Do I? And if so what do I value and how much. Being of value is
quite different than being creative or having self-confidence or being
successful. So for the next month ponder upon what you value about
yourself and how you came to those awarenesses. This is a real
astrological homework assignment.

CAPRICORN: You’re ready to go up up and away. You’re prepared to conquer
the world, any world, and you have the impulsiveness to try. Should you
begin this journey, know that the results may not be instant and if this
deters you, then choose other options for your extremely ambitious energy.
Have you gone back to a previously successful venture and reacquainted
yourself with it yet?

AQUARIUS: You have one year to be the successful creative artist (writer,
painter, dancer, photographer, actor, etc.) you know you are. One year to
expand yourself into that artistic field or fields (there are more than
one). All inner feelings, which propel us toward artistic pursuits, will
be available, the doors open to access intuition, and the strength of body
and mind to bring them forth. There’s even someone to help you.

PISCES: It is important to know you hear a different drum beat, have your
own guidance and ways of being. Someone near you may be in need of care.
As you never hold judgments, you are the perfect one to tend to them.
Should death (the Great Liberating Adventure) occur around you be sure to
have Gregorian chants, sandalwood incense, candles, and the following
books: The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche and
Christine Longacre’s book Facing Death and Finding Hope – A Guide to the
Emotional and Spiritual Care of the Dying

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