Risa's Astrology Jan. 3, 2008

Epiphany, To Shine Forth, To Reveal

We celebrate the last four days of the Twelve (astrological) Days of
Christmas. Thursday calls forth Sagittarius; Friday Capricorn; Saturday Aquarius and Sunday Pisces. Sunday is also Epiphany (to reveal, to show, to shine forth, to bring light to) when the three astrologer kings, the Persian Magi from far away, following a bright star (Sirius, Ray 2 of Love/Wisdom) brought gifts to the Holy Child.

The three kings represented theologically the first non-Jews (Gentiles)
(Jesus’ parents were Essenes, the holiest and most aesthetic sect of Jews
who prepared for the Messiah) to see the Holy Child. These three Wise Men,
after visiting with the Christ Child, would then “reveal” Jesus to the
world (both east and west) as Lord and King, as the Messiah the world,
shrouded in ignorance and thus darkness, had been longing for. What was
revealed or brought to light was God revealing Himself in human form
through the human incarnation (birth) of the child Jesus. Read more on
Epiphany, including traditions, rituals, a Three Kings cake recipe, and the week’s celestial events at www.nightlightnews.com.

Tuesday at 5:37 a.m. is the Capricorn new moon. Join the New Group of World Servers by reciting the Great Invocation Monday night, just at Mercury enters Aquarius and the Antakarana (Rainbow Bridge) is being built. Let’s meet in the Ashram, everyone.

ARIES: The time has come to ponder upon all your abilities and gifts.
Eventually they must be offered, like the gifts of the Magi, to humanity and you must begin to work in groups where people of goodwill work. These groups understand the importance of equal human rights. Outline your abilities, then create a structure and form on how you will serve with these gifts. This is the future.

TAURUS: New goals may appear that will assist in giving your life the order, change and organization it needs. Either a world trip or deep study of a philosophy that defines your past, present and future. If that’s too heady you may discover and pursue new music. And if you’re tone deaf you may discover new foods. Whatever you do, truth is your keynote as you’re a living representative of the ancient wisdom teachings.

GEMINI: Your nature and being changes and you realize you’re becoming more determined and courageous. Simultaneously this week you also feel more emotional and although it’s important to, sharing is difficult. This creates a challenge within you that must be overcome. How to express yourself so you’re understood and yet feeling how difficult it is to speak. This week and for the next year, you’ve become a Scorpio.

CANCER: It’s been good to be solitary but now you seek more companionship, friendships and want to be emotionally closer. What is most important is to understand what love is. It’s not an emotion and it’s hard to cultivate. Love is a force, a light. It’s intelligence and magnetic. It emerges, like peace, from intentions and radiations of goodwill, which create right relations. This is an esoteric formula. Remember and use it.

LEO: Cancer’s horoscope applies to you, also, for you are the purveyor of love. On the other hand, we must look at your daily work, schedules and health, which could use a bit more loving. You wish to be free, yet you face so many responsibilities. You have all these goals but not much energy to accomplish them. What is the message? That your good health must be the foremost goal you undertake. How can you do this? And will you?

VIRGO: Even if you’re challenged you don’t change your plans. At first you decide to communicate as kindly as possible. If this doesn’t work you continue on alone and then realize a shift is indeed possible. New thoughts begin to occur at the new moon. Make time each day to stand in the Sun to absorb its warmth, love and intelligence. Kindness is at the heart of all matters.

LIBRA: A deep spiritual awareness will develop slowly yet surely in your life and the presence of the divine mother and your real biological mother seem to become one and the same. Family matters are most important this month. Tend to them with care and loving kindness. You know how to do this with friends. Now it must be equally applied to family.

SCORPIO: Try not to let large philosophical issues become personal ones.
Allow your intelligence to gather and then disperse information just like a Gemini would. Local travel is good for you now. Don’t stay at home behind the curtains, doors or closed windows. You need to enjoy the outdoors more. Nature is God’s body. It’s calling you to attention, to health and healing, to come out and play awhile.

SAGITTARIUS: Finances, big and small, past and present remain your focus. But realize you don’t have to worry about them. All your commitments and extra jobs seeking ways to make more are good up to a point. Exhaustion can take over quite easily. Professionals can help. But really things will be much better in the money department. I’ll remind you again to tithe.

CAPRICORN: Whatever you do, know you have the ability to inspire others to love more by the way you love them. When others spend time with you a calm inner sense of purpose and revelation radiate from you. This is Jupiter
(which is goodwill) residing within you and others leave you kinder, gentler and better humans. Knowing this about your state of grace activates it.

AQUARIUS: The past will be very present in your life. This is good as it allows for reassessments and redoing of things undone or not done quite well enough. It’s possible a parent will appear, or a religious discipline will be either remembered or resumed. These reactivate feelings, which can then be sorted out. It’s like a house-cleaning process using green, ecological products that balance your emotional pH.

PISCES: Work has been from dawn till dusk, an endless array of tasks, errands and creative work. It’s good. It’s exhausting. It’s calling humanity, calling the new world order and culture back to the present. You, too, need nature to walk in daily for long lengths of time. Have you been working on future goals, knowing what you want and need? You will learn how to direct thought power to achieve those goals. But they must be named first. Be one-pointed.

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