Risa's Astrology Dec. 20-27

Happy Solstice & Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Winter Solstice, Capricorn, a Full Moon, and Christmas (v/c) are upon us.
Collectively they call humanity to Initiation.

As we respond to their
summons we step into a new spiral Path of evolution (growth upward
spiritually). The Capricorn solar festival (full moon) shows us the
midnight Sun and then informs us we are to leave the mountaintop
(Capricorn) and, in Aquarius, serve humanity. Let us do this together,
everyone, shall we? (Read the entire week of Celestial Events leading up
to Christmas at www.nightlightnews.com).

ARIES: During the holydays (days up to and including January 6th) after
tending carefully and joyfully to family, begin to plan, create goals and
agendas for your work in the world. Jupiter, the beneficent, allows your
career and profession to be your focus and whatever you do to prepare,
whatever work and responsibilities you assume, brings prosperity and
opportunity. Remember also, in all that you do, to radiate Goodwill (to

TAURUS: It is a good thing to take up some sort of travel to areas and
people you’ve never been for this is a time of learning and then teaching,
a time of experiencing differences and being in areas that allow new
possibilities to occur both in your environment and within. It’s vital to
understanding another in order to prepare for changes about to occur.
Flexibility is most important as all your beliefs change.

GEMINI: The Christmas season presents us with great mysteries. Actually
the entire liturgical and esoteric year is a mystery, as is why we’re here
on earth, how we arrived, how to return to our original home and who our
Teachers are. We have forgotten our entire spiritual history. But not you,
the keeper of information. I suggest you once again study of the
Mysteries, explore them to see if you are ready to follow the Path they
summon you to.

CANCER: This week of holidays and holydays, you’ll reach out, seeking
company, companionship and friendship. A deep closeness results, which you
have been seeking. You will also understand what it means to have harmony
with others, which you also seek. Promise yourself and others that you
will not betray anyone emotionally. Think on this. Turning into your crab
shell can make others feel abandoned. Maintain stability as you lead
others to the stable.

LEO: Your daily work increases including working on your health and
well-being, your diet, exercise and restriction of stress and worry.
You’ll feel happier and happier and this turns to unexpected joy.
Happiness comes from the personality and joy emerges from the Soul and
heart of the sun. Joy is what the birth of the Holy Child brought to
humanity and the earth. This year you have a new birth, too.

VIRGO: You may not consider yourself creative or artistic thinking your
detail and need for perfection (there is none – there is only “good
enough”) keeps you from the more aesthetic arts. But actually you are
(artistic & creative) and soon this will be so apparent you’ll have to
choose among the many projects available. You will be like a happy child
who knows their work is good (enough). And so it is.

LIBRA: So much will shift and change at home. You’ll find you cannot bear
disorder and that spaciousness (and not objects no matter how beautiful)
must order each room. You may buy or sell property, someone (a child, a
mother, an elder, a friend) may begin to live with you or you will choose
to live alone. Living with parents provides the time needed to correct
relationships before death, the next adventure, spirits them happily away.

SCORPIO:  All of a sudden you notice your community seem more vital,
alive, and inviting. You realize it contains information you gladly accept
and you visit different areas and neighborhoods and realize how important
where you live is. You give thanks for the services, amenities, facilities
and people that serve you. Yes, they serve you. And then you give back,
creating new relationships and your heart expands in proportion. It’s joy
and !hark! the angels are singing about it!

SAGITTARIUS: Whereas you always wondered how to use money resourcefully
and what you value, you’ll soon begin to just enjoy life for the very
first time consciously. Your appreciation for the earth will at times feel
like happiness enfolded in joy realizing you’re here on this magnificent
planet along with everyone else all doing their psychological work. Money
situations ease up and opportunities you didn’t expect (but hoped for)
will materialize. Be grateful for everything. Be one of the Magi. Which

CAPRICORN: You’ve actually become the king/queen of the zodiac as so many
things come your way all of which you deserve like personal self-esteem
and success, attainting goals, feeling loved and most importantly your
feelings of not being enough vanishing. And if they don’t call me. Know
that decisions you make professionally are correct. Reach for the sky in
all matters. You have the skills and opportunities are like stars hanging
from the sky waiting to be plucked. Follow Polaris.

AQUARIUS: Optimism has begun to wrap itself around you like a cloak,
shielding you from past challenges, healing you physically, emotionally
and mentally, expanding your dreams to do what it is you know you can and
must, and helping you know the truth about yourself – that you are
insightful, a futurist, an excellent writer and thinker, a scientist
(occult), and very lucky because all your needs are met by the great White
Spirit in the sky. Now with all of that you can willingly serve others in

PISCES: You’ve been thinking how to expand your social circle but you
realize to feel comfort and safety those involved must understand and act
within the new Aquarian Laws  & Principles. Have you noticed when people
look at you they smile? What is it they see? Is it your perplexedness,
your humility, your grace, your pure spirit? Know that you are not alone.
Know also that you must ask for what you want and need. Ask and ask. The
obstacles will be removed. The light of the holy season shines upon you.


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