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Esoteric Astrology as news for week Dec. 13-20, 2007

Gifts Through the Signs
Christmas 2007

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Gift giving is an art form. For most of us though, gift giving can be
fraught with indecision, oversupply, fearing one is not giving enough,
fear of our gift being rejected. It is good to think beyond the personal
and choose gifts that assist humanity, the world, and our local community.
When giving gifts, think philanthropically, green, local, ecological,
sustainable, organic and serving the greater good. Give gifts from Product
(Red) (think Gap red t-shirts) which help fight Aids in Africa. You will
be inspi(red) and ado(red). See www.joinred.com/products. Local Santa
Cruzan, Cory Ybarra, is building schools in Tanzania, Africa and later in
Peru. See her website Building for Generations
www.buildingforgenerations.com. Give as a gift the book Three Cups of Tea
by G. Mortenson & D. Relin, about building schools, one school at a time,
in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

A gift in the receiver’s name to the Red Cross, UNICEF, St. Jude’s
Hospital, Care International, Doctors Without Borders, etc. Or to the
Heifer Project (www.Heifer.org) which aids children and families around
the world to receive training in the care and tending of honeybees, flocks
of geese, pigs, cows, heifers, lambs, goats, trees, seedlings, etc. which
assist them and their villages to become self-reliant, have a source of
income, create and strengthen a sense of community and replenish the land.
Children, whose minds are global, love to give such gifts. One gives a
“flock of hope” to those in need.

For starry cosmic gifts, give everyone a star map of their sign, as the
constellation appears in the sky, an astrology chart, or their sign’s
symbol – both framed in gold, An art print by artist/poet Brian Andreas
lasts forever. On the other side of giving is receiving. Let us be
grateful, always for what we receive. That is the greatest gift.

ARIES: a dictionary and encyclopedia, anything sporty and casual, baseball
caps, a skydiving gift certificate, tickets to games, things brightly
colored that say’s I’m here and I’m #1, and especially the Aries star
chart and an asteroid named after them. Then they’re imprinted in the
stars forever.

TAURUS: Money, money clips, wallet, stocks and bonds, cashmere, bread or
rice pudding (homemade), money tree plant, gift certificates to expensive
places, things easy, comfortable, tactile, velvet, a composter, swimming
pool, and a hammock to rest their enduring Souls.

GEMINI: any type of communication device, a party, sparklers, games, pens,
fine pointed pencils, chargers, DVDs, Sudoku, Sunday New York Times
Sunday, book on word origins, lip glosses (without petroleum), products by
Burt’s bees and definitely a (Red) shirt from the Gap.

Cancer, things cozy, homey, old, lit from within, an heirloom that creates
memories, cookbook of slow cooked comfort foods. Homemade cupcakes on an
antique cake plate. A garden gate (old, tarnished, rusted and working).
Photos, scrapbook, jewelry box, baskets, baskets, and more baskets, a
nutmeg grinder and a Mali Mudcloth bag.

LEO: Royal things, heart shaped, games, a week end in Las Vegas, cards, a
cat, a gift in their name to the Heifer Project, your complete attention
for a prolonged length of time, leopard prints, diamonds, a country to
rule and a large jar of wild honey.

VIRGO: Always telling them they are perfect and knowledgeable, things
tailored and practical, detailed date book, organizer, vitamins,
stationary with their names embossed, book light, gold book marker, an
indoor herb garden, a sprouter (Sprout Man), Jack LaLanne juicer.

LIBRA: a party of friends, spa treatments, spa cookbook from The Golden
Door, jewelry, art (painting, crafts), glass and old tin Christmas
ornaments, a table for two, scrapbook to record their unremitting social
life and multiple relationships. A book on gardening for when they become
Scorpios and don’t go out of the house anymore.

SCORPIO: a shredder, desktop organizer, prayers, mummy statue, theatrical
or pre-Columbian masks, long black wool overcoat, fire-proof safe,
collection of Halloween costumes, detective novels, locked boxes, locks
with keys, Swiss army knife, binoculars, keeping their secrets secret.

SAGITTARIUS: For Sag cooks (now or later) – sushi set, fondue pot, The Joy
of Cooking, a musical instrument, old jazz recordings, outfits and tools
for traveling, hiking and camping, book tour of the world, National
Geographic subscription, camera, horse book ends and The Collected Works
of Ken Wilber.

CAPRICORN: Never telling them what to do (they already know), clocks and
watches (success means being on time), a red leather briefcase, a
genealogy chart and family tree, sturdy shoes, ladders (real and
artistic), botanical prints, assuring them always they are successful,
responsible, leaders, and always doing their best.

AQUARIUS: Anything unexpected, ethnic, humanitarian, socially conscious,
electronic, tickets to Oprah Winfrey’s show, a donation to One.org in
their name, things that light up, Magic Globe Solar Light Spheres (from
www.graninroad.com), telescope, anything iPod especially (Red), a
messenger bag, a kite, Love.

PISCES: Tibetan prayer flags, kirtan music, a retreat, a month at a spa,
foot cream, well-made comforting walking shoes, two  fishes in a fish
bowl, a song bird, a warm swimming pool, seven sturdy aprons, trees to
plant, morning glory and marigold seeds, calendula lotion, artwork, a jar
of tupelo honey, patience forever, and a home of their own.

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