Opinion-Daddy Warbucks

A year back: Yule news in doggerel

At this joyous time of year,
Daddy W. would like to share the holiday cheer
And wish all the FFW readers well
On the occasion of Noel.

Ready to decorate the Christmas tree,
In 2007 business news was a free-for-all melee
XNA saw traveler rates eeking back from the sky
But Lord, have Mercy, gasoline prices are oh, so high.

Now’s the time to make tasty almond bark treats
Drama with U.S. Wal-Mart’s scaling back seem complete.
Retail sales seem dull and the stock falls – splat,
Tom Coughlin’s new home may be a jailhouse flat.

There’s reason to decorate every stitch and seam,
Springdale frantically promoting  a pro baseball team
The Arkansas Naturals open here this spring,
Area folks sure hope to hear the cash registers ring,

We’ll hang a bow for the prettiest limb
Wishing best to Waltons kids – Rob, Alice and Jim,
Poor Alice has a mess of legal rantin’ and raving,
Over some Georgia O’Keefe based Nashville paintings
She’s offered poor Fisk University lots of dough,
The state of Tennessee wants to tell her: “No. No.”

We’ll nail a red and green wreath to the front door,
As Johnny Tyson said he not be CEO No. 1 any more.
The grand hall grandfather’s clock goes tick, tock,
Don Tyson’s sold almost all of his preferred stock.
Dick Bond and others now run the Tyson show.
Let’s hope we have an abundance of Christmas snow.

There are no real good forecasts of ice or snow
But Daddy W. is just lettin’ to know,
Economic forecasting is now a mega media hit,
As Jeff Collins gives The Skyline folks Holy fits.
His economic theories, while thumbed by some,
Are as right as rain and mightily near plum.

Here come the presents! Bright boxes and crates,
Stock analyst tell us in ’08: watch for higher rates.
Gasoline prices will hit record high’s but low’s
As all travelers – earth and sky bound have miles to go.
Now don’t charge too much on VISA, Master Card or
The raising interest rates will leave your checkbook

Give the very best, the finest gift if you could
To help celebrate 50 years of jeweler – Underwoods.
While we all downtown need joy, harmony and peace,
Just not condos and parking garages every 100 feet.

Daddy W raises a glass of holiday bubble cheer,
To Collier’s Drug which celebrated its 90th year.
While the Collier gang all makes good things go,
Pausing so, sad at the passing of Louis Bryant we

There’s fresh baked cinnamon rolls hot in the pan
Washington County zoning is now on most rural land,
It’s not a big deal – right now – for us too
More taxes were talked about, but nixed, Woo Hoo!

There’s lots of holiday candy – seemingly to infinity
But on Dickson Street there won’t be a – Divinity.
Don’t miss the tiny elf’s and their nubby knees,
A study says WAC needs more room and parking fees.

Kids are always proud of our Christmas booty,
We predict more budget headaches for Mayor Dan Coody.
He’s said he won’t run for another term in 2008.
But oops, they’ve spent the city into debt – too late.

Hear the sleigh bells jingle as the horses eat hay,
City employees, will holler loudly over cuts in pay.
How many will run for mayor is anyone’s guess.
It will take at least a runoff to sort out the mess.

Recall the old angels and their shouts of glory,
The AMP’s financial woes again tell a tragic story.
Now’s the time for holiday cards, so neat,
The Chamber’s Bill Ramsey says he’s giving up his
But unlike Houston Nutt, Ramsey will bow out in
another year,
And Nutt will try to lead Ole Miss’ hottie tottie

It stunned us, like waking to new fallen snow,
The UA said it was time for Frank Broyles to go.
Suddenly, he’s out, as firing votes were in hand,
Broyles: the greatest AD in the land.
Coaches were fired, hired and some let go –
One from Creighton, stayed only a day or so..
Through it all – John White’s had it all his way,
But will his rule hold the Razorback fan’s sway?

Among the best of holiday soups and stews,
Is our very own school man – Dr. Bobby New.
He directs the Fayetteville schools – to be the best,
as academics and athletics soar we all puff our of

The deal about the UA wanting the land FHS sits on,
Can’t compare with the grid title won by Darrell
Will there be one high school here or maybe two?
It’s really up to the school board to see what we do.

We’ll watch out the frosty window for ice and snow,
BBBQ seems to know that a concert is a good deal, yes
But one poorly planned like ZZ Top sure blows.
Better structure, more press will help these woes.

What is under the Christmas tree is always a guess,
continued success to the U of A Press.
Never forgetting Miller Williams and Willard Gatewood.
Founding fathers of a well respected publishing-hood.

When the presents are opened, wrappings are a mess,
Yes, new banks have opened, but we like old ones best.
So, to Gary Head and Mary Beth Brooks we say Hooray,
Watch them new financial interlopers, keep ’em at bay.

Any Christmas poem wouldn’t be complete
Without noting some area restaurants still compete.
So here’s to Noodle’s, Penguin Ed’s, Gaylord’s and
even, AQ
Thanks for you all – and for all that you do.

In any list like this – I’ll miss a few friends
Only next year, can I include your name to make
To those whom I missed, they can only say “Whew!”
Until next year, Merry Christmas to you.

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