Risa's Astrology Dec. 6-13, 2007

Cultivating Stillness, Silence & Waiting

Sunday begins the second week of Advent. We light two candles this week.
We are under the beam of focused fiery light of Sagittarius now.

The sign,qualities and tasks of Sagittarius perfectly reflect the season of Advent.
As Sag is always expectant, galloping along with hope, eyes always on the
goal, the season of Advent too, with hope and expectancy, prepares for the
coming new light within us, represented by the Holy Child’s birth. Both
Advent and Sagittarius dwell in silence (Sag is one of the signs of
silence) and in waiting, in mystery and wonder of great things to come
(Jupiter, Sag’s ruling planet, brings expansion, joy and love, Ray 2).
Both are “on their Way” somewhere. Sag to the base of the Capricorn
mountain and Advent “on the Way to Bethlehem.” Both are about light. Sag
is “a beam of directed focused light.” Advent, like the story of the
Little Match Girl, lights candles to extinguish the season’s darkness and
struggle. For both, stillness and waiting are cultivated, and an
expectation of the unexpected. All of these we reflect upon as Sagittarius
and the season of Advent unfold

Astrological significators this week. Sunday, 9:40 am, is Sag new moon, 17
degrees. The Soul’s meditative seed thought is “I see the goal, I reach
the goal, and then I see another.” Join the NGWS at the time of the new
moon by reciting the seed thought and the Great Invocation. Tuesday is
filled with planetary interactions. We, too. are busy, reflecting the
sky’s movements. Jupiter conjunct (joining) Pluto in Sag at 11:36 am
forecasting the times to come –an economic reorientation, the accelerated
shift of the Ages, and the new world order. Tuesday begins a long v/c from
3:57 pm till 9:01 pm Wednesday night when Aquarius (freedom’s) moon
begins. Hanukkah ends, the menorah extinguished, the temple rededicated.
The Advent candles will continue until Epiphany, six more weeks.

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ARIES: You may feel your mind is afire with ideas and goals. All things
new will be your mantram and so many desires, aspirations and information
are streaming into your mind that you desperately seek an outlet for your
enthusiasm as you newly recognize your gifts. All will be provided. In
time. Go to the mountains.

TAURUS: You, more than any other sign, understand the shifting currents of
the economic system. You feel the need to prepare, know something’s coming
(beyond Advent), need to put food by, fill the larder, and tend to
safeguarding resources. Do all of these. Also, investigate silver, inform
those who will listen and “man” the fortresses.

GEMINI: How you see yourself reflects on how others see you. Who do you
feel you belong to and with? Who are your “people?” What do you share with
others and how close are your ties. I ask these question so you can
identify your community, who you learn from, who learns from you and where
and with whom you can share your life. Beyond now.

CANCER: Even though you want to run away somewhere seemingly better than
where you are, you turn to those around you and find comfort, a way of
life that reflects your deepest sensibilities (even though it’s hard and a
struggle), and you introduce change that either you and/or everyone needs.
Follow your heart, your impressions and your intuition. Make a record
(journal) of these.

LEO: Spend time with the one you love (a love affair perhaps), with
children, with gamblers or with a highly creative project that brings an
identity of self forward. Through your choice you begin to sense and feel
self-achievement, a pride that identifies to you that you do indeed exist,
are a creative force, and you too can be forgiven and forgiving.

VIRGO: Go to your family, whoever that is, and rest there. Be with or
actually be the mother. Provide security and be the source of emotional
safety for them. This then is provided to you. When you tend to others,
when you respond to their deepest needs, you then feel how and where you
belong in the universe. Cook for everyone, nurture them. Fulfillment

LIBRA: You have so many errands, from library to book store, from
neighbors to co-workers, from artistic endeavors to finding newer and more
eclectic arrangements for your tree (or Hanukkah bush) overflowing with
light. You may experience various vehicles for travel, you’ll seek
relatives and siblings and above all you’ll go toward what makes you feel
safe, stabilized, and listened to. Just remember to practice ahimsa at all
times. And forever.

SCORPIO: The new moon and the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction are in your 2nd
house of money, resources and values. Something new (new moon), expanded,
clearly identified, and very valuable has been or is presently being
revealed and it’s revelatory. This is the first step toward your future
which you felt was shrouded in mystery (clouds of unknowing). It takes a
transit to reveal things. This one’s for you (and Sag).

SAGITTARIUS: What was written for Scorpio applies to you, too (so read
it), with the addition of a complete transformation coming down the road.
This is good. Next year you won’t recognize yourself as you are now. Such
a new identity is being forged within and around you that there are no
words to describe it. Only astrological symbols. Five planets, new moon,
Jupiter conjunct Pluto all in Sag. Contemplation reveals the grand
importance of this.

CAPRICORN: Are you exhausted from endeavors you’re pursuing, perhaps work
or ideas or people or expectations or hopes of success? The stars reveal
that it’s time for you to have solitude, to retreat, to have quiet, where
you can understand perspectives and contemplate changes. Within all your
discipline and structure, do you have a consistent spiritual or religious
practice? Do you pray and ask for help? Doing these would sustain you.
Your Capricorn angels, loving Silent Watchers, are nearby.

AQUARIUS: You inspire others, you write excellently, your ideas are
original and important. How do you envision your future? Do you think
about it? It’s possible that it will be exciting and expansive, more than
you can imagine. Think community, gardens, ecovillage, sustainable
buildings, arks and domes. The only question is where? Rest to heal when
you can. And maintain hope.

PISCES: Revelations have been occurring. A new identity has come about and
perhaps for the first time you identify yourself as alive, capable and
creative. Absorb this new information quietly and slowly lest you lose its
reality. New aspirations are unfolding as you realize your exceptional
gifts and abilities. Call forth, in silence and waiting, your next
expanded level of expression and its appropriate setting.

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