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Esoteric Astrology as news for week November 22-28, 2007

Giving Thanks

It’s Thanksgiving and time for gratitude – in the form of prayers, thoughts, feelings, and greetings.

Gratitude is something about which we still need to learn. Gratitude creates Goodwill. Together, gratitude and goodwill create the thought form of solution for humanity’s and the world’s problems. Gratitude and goodwill are the pre-requisites for the Reappearance of the Christ. In Ancient Wisdom texts it is written, “being grateful is the hallmark of one who is enlightened.” Gratitude comes from the Soul whose characteristics are Love and Wisdom.

Gratitude is scientifically and occultly a basic releasing agent. Gratitude, which is also a service to others, is deeply scientific in nature, it releases us from the past and lays open for us our future path leading to the new culture and civilization, the new Laws and Principles, the rising light of Aquarian, the Age of Friendship and Equality. The Hierarchy lays much emphasis upon gratitude. Let’s be grateful together.

A Chinese proverb states “
“When eating bamboo sprouts, remember the one who planted them.” In a poem stating what he is giving thanks for, Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “For each new morning with its light, For rest and shelter of the night, For health and food, for love and friends, For everything Thy goodness sends.”

The week: Thursday is Thanksgiving. We have a comforting Taurus moon. Sun enters Sag at 8:50 am (Pacific time). We remember to give thanks all day. Venus and Uranus are a bit misaligned (inconjunct). Unexpected events could occur. Be the one to maintain calm, call everyone together to create community and assist the cook. Friday morning a long v/c begins at 10:53 am lasting all day and night till Gemini moon begins Saturday morning at 3:29 am. At 2:15 am Uranus became stationary direct. And at 6:30 am we have a Sag/Gemini Full moon solar festival. The meditative seed through for Sag is “I see the goal. I reach the goal. And then I see another.” Join the NGWS at the time of the Full Moon by reciting the Great Invocation. Saturday may feel a bit confused. Out of this confusion comes harmony (Ray 4). Sunday we’ll need rest. Monday, Cancer moon, is a spiritually oriented day. Tuesday we either seek or provide nurturance. And Wednesday before dawn Leo moon begins. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I am grateful to you, my readers.

ARIES: Spend time with those you love and those close to you. Compromise and have the intention for Right Relations. As you extend gratitude to all those in your life, provide yourself with forgiveness in areas where you judge yourself. Remember there is no failure. There are only successive stages of learning. Work calls. Maintain discipline.

TAURUS: After giving profound thanks for all that you have (and all that’s packed away for some eventful later time) and for your enlightened mind, it may be time to give some attention to your finances and slow down on any new output of monies till the old debts are paid. Abundance will continue. Something needs to be sold.

GEMINI: You would do well to give thanks for all hidden things in your life, all those events and people that completely transformed you. And even those things that made you weary. Something new enters your work world. Tend to everything close to home with care and awareness. Good things come with gratitude.

CANCER: Hopefully you’re home, with family and friends and you have access to things that nurture. If not, make it so. You will ponder upon your family in the past, remember a time when you felt life was bountiful. It still is. Know this. Do get some peace and quiet amidst all the work you’ll find to do. We’re grateful to you.

LEO: Something unusual occurs with your money or with things you hold in common with others. Also, your chart displays a Pisces flavor – an act of surrender or a feeling of being behind a curtain or veil. You will remember the way your mother tended and cared for you. You will attempt to recreate her food. You will finally praise and thank her. Quietly.

VIRGO: You’re working internally and externally, thinking and then acting. In the months to come, it will be important to ponder on future plans and goals. It is also most important to create cooperation between yourself and those around you, balancing your self-interests with those of others. Allow no conflict to arise between life at home and life at work. They are one.

LIBRA: Tread carefully with money, try not to spend much at this time. Save it for a family member or emergency. Be quiet about your financial situation. An innovative idea will occur to you concerning how to better save and how to build monetary safety for the future. Study up on silver, the new Amero and attempt to be ready when the economic reorientation occurs. Be aware now.

SCORPIO: You may spend more than you have, you’ll be hungrier than usual, and a bit more temperamental and touchy. Ouch! Read what I wrote for Libra. Apply it. Watch for impressions, vivid ideas, thoughts that lead to more independence, further resources, and a set of disciplines that make you feel more safe and secure. It’s inner structure time.

SAGITTARIUS: Libra’s information also applies to you, also. Have you organized all your financial information, kept up to date on taxes and insurance, checked your investments, tended to debts, and saved at least 20% for yourself? Or more. Be close to family, share with them ideas, plans and fears. They can care for you. Be kind in your speech. Remember gratitude. Then magic seems to occur.

CAPRICORN: Gratitude propels you up the ladder. You can be grateful for knowing there is a ladder (where does it lead you?), that you will seek and know success, that you are a true leader, that you will eventually, if not now, turn and serve humanity. For now though it’s time to rest, ponder on your plans. Refine them. Concentrate on love within relationships. Laugh.

AQUARIUS: You are vulnerable at this time. Usually, you aren’t, but now you are. And in that vulnerability great ideas occur to you. Write about them. They contain a power for the future and since you’re ear is tuned to humanity, the subject of your ideas is what humanity is interested in. Don’t tell anyone – just one or two. Keep your ideas secret lest they dissolve away. Sssshhhhh.

PISCES: If you are dreaming, create a dream journal. There will be information in these dreams that will turn into goals. For now tend to what is most important around you. Clean and clear away all areas that seem confused, unkempt, untidy, disorganized or incomplete. Change will occur at the Full Moon. Uranus prepares you for a future that is unexpected. I hear the sound of freedom.

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