Risa's Astrology for Nov. 8-15, 2007

Evoking the Soul of the Nations

This is a new Scorpio moon week, the Hindu festival of Diwali (Light) and a conference Evoking the Soul of all Nations.

Every human and each nation is influenced, looked over and controlled by two rays (stars in the Big Bear) – the personality ray (dominant, potent & the main controlling factor at this time) and its Soul Ray (sensed by disciples and aspirants). As the personality ray helps us be in the world of form and matter, it is the Soul ray that will bring forth the unity and love, Goodwill and Right Relations the world needs at this pivotal historical point in time. While the personality ray is inherent and potent, the Soul ray must be called forth and evoked in order that it comes into increasing function. Invoking (calling forth) the Soul must come from the New Group of World Servers (NGWS) – one of our main objectives and tasks.

With this and directive in mind, and appropriately during the months dedicated to the Soul (begun at Autumn Equinox), on Saturday November 10th and occurring in the three major spiritual inlets – New York City, London, and Geneva – a symposium entitled “Evoking the Soul of the Nations” will be held.

This is an annual meeting of the organization World Goodwill that focuses on the “application of the spiritual energy of Goodwill to world conditions and human problems.” The purpose and focused theme is concerned with how the “dynamic creative power of Goodwill can bring forth a new approach to issues of global concern” to humanity everywhere.

For more information and to participate in person or on inner levels see http://www.lucistrust.org/en/meetings_and_events/symposium. I invite everyone to join in this endeavor of service for the world. Let us stand together. For the week’s Celestial events, the new moon, and the Hindu festival of Diwali, go to www.nightlightnews.com. Note: Mars begins a three-month retrograde next week.

ARIES: Now it will be time to tend to money matters. Things perhaps were hidden or you forgot things or you simply couldn’t face something while Mercury was retro. Now it’s apparent that you need to and you can and will. Make peace with family members this week. And create a new financial agenda for saving.

TAURUS: It’s most important that communication be open and truthful and emotions and expectations be shared with those close to you, especially intimates. Perhaps feelings have been harbored for too long. If this continues resentments could grow. You have one week to get thoughts and feelings out into the open. Everything will go into slow motions next week.

GEMINI: Tend to others around you. Be the one who brings cooperation forth. Exhibit goodwill so Right Relations occurs. People will imitate you. That’s the purpose. It may be that there’s confusion in the minds of those you work with. You’ll be the one with clarity, the ability to nurture, and the ideas that create right thinking. In the marketplace, buy only essentials this week.

CANCER: You need a little escape, a little magic, a little art and a lot of inspiration. Ask yourself what you want to research, pursue, find, shop for? And for whom? This week notice your energy level. Do what you’ve been putting off. Next week notice your energy level. It will have changed. This is not a Zen koan.

LEO: Newness may begin to occur at home. Perhaps you will tend to home with more tender care. You will think about your mother. You may speak with family members, remembering the past, creating with them a different future. Things not spoken of before may emerge. This is good. As something ends something better begins. Later on you’ll be hiding away for awhile.

VIRGO: Do you volunteer? Do you walk your neighborhood keeping a watchful eye? Are you speaking with siblings and relatives? Are you gardening to make your environment more beautiful, fragrant, and inviting? Are you tending your health with consciousness and care? All these tasks have the purpose of keeping you in touch with the heart of all matters. Which makes you happy.

LIBRA: As you drive, walk, work, attempt to fall asleep and wake up in the mornings thoughts will occur to you about what you value in your life and what you have chosen to do, be and live based on those values. You have made some very specific choices. You will evaluate if these choices remain appropriate, if they serve you, and most of all if they radiate from you goodwill and Right Human Relations – your Soul’s tasks.

SCORPIO: You will speak and be heard. You will act and be observed for leadership. You will find a new inner self and others will feel inspired. You will aspire to nurture more and in a greater field of service. Others will be served by you and their lives changed by your actions. Your mask is dropping, fears also, replaced by courage, innovation and praiseful speech.

SAGITTARIUS: Life itself is clearing away anything not useful for your upcoming years. You may feel limited in your life now. But you aren’t. A new definition of self is emerging. It’s like a birth with all the pain and suffering coming into this world entails. Tend to yourself with care and notice compassion for others emerging. Tend to them, too. Then you’re safest.

CAPRICORN: Friendships, colleagues, new acquaintances, hopes, wishes, and dreams for the future are in your thoughts and piercing your heart as you realize your love for your friends. Truth and closeness with them will later on bring more success to your profession and income. You seek true recognition of your gifts and you want them to spread around the world, serving and helping others. Keep this vision within your heart. Everything we ask for comes true.

AQUARIUS: Ask what you can do for others, for your community, your mother, your family, your friends and not what they can do for you. But, should you be in need, do ask them for help, assistance, food, shelter, sanctuary, retreat, friendship, care, sustenance and love. Asking always has a response. What do you need. We are here, listening.

PISCES: As we begin the season of gratitude, plan all that you will give, whether it’s communication or gifts. There is a learning curve occurring either through travel (most likely), study, education, research or contact with others, different and unusual. They provide revelations concerning your future. It’s a very important time. Observe carefully and offer gratitude ceaselessly.

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