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Esoteric Astrology as news for week November 1-7, 2007

Mercury Direct & Honoring the Dead

We turn our clocks back this week (Sunday early morning). Time flew this year. It’s only two months till the New Year, eight weeks till Christmas, and three till Thanksgiving.

Let us pray for all those displaced by the fires in and around Los Angeles, heart chakra of the United States. We are also grateful for the many who served humanity as these fires burned. There is always “love (and purpose) that underlies the happenings of the times” but in distress and dire circumstances it is difficult to understand that love and purpose till long after. This situation will create a mass migration eastward. Fires bring about purification. And transforming change. Fire is the element out of which our God (Agni, fire) is made. Agni is also the substance of our minds.

Thursday Mercury is direct, it’s Leo (identity through creativity & children) Moon and All Saints Day where we honor our ancestors and the saints in heaven (including the Hierarchy). Thursday, the first day of Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) honors infants and children (angelitos) who have died.  Friday, the second day of Dia De Los Muertos, honors adults who have died (“Death the Great Adventure”). Our Institute’s group honors our inner esoteric group. We remember Rochelle, Joanne, Steve, Michael, the Jims, Philomena, Alice Bailey, Maria Montessori, Madame Blavatsky, the Rockefellers and Roosevelts, and the Tibetan’s very first esoteric student group – all of whom prepared the Way. Ohm Mani Padme Hum.  Friday morning is revelatory. Saturday & Sunday’s Virgo moon are perfect days to prepare the winter garden. Before retiring Saturday night, set clocks back one hour. Daylight Savings Time ends at 2 am Sunday everywhere. Monday is v/c from 10:10 am till 3:47 pm when Libra Moon begins calling us to Right Economy & Right Relations. Tuesday is General Election Day. It is not an easy day. Wednesday Sun trines Uranus making us aware of great archetypes. The Plan for Humanity shines through. It’s revelatory. And so… as darkness continues to fall in our outer world, as the Sun moves further southward, as Persephone, taken by Pluto, is lost to the underworld as Ceres weeps, as the pomegranates and persimmons ripen, the many Festivals of Light commence.

ARIES: What were your relationships like this past three-weeks of Mercury retrograde? Were there complications, miscommunications, an inability to understand issues? As Mercury slowly moves forward what was not clear become clarified. This includes personal relationships, business concerns, all collaborations and communications. You do your part, too. Step forward and explain fully.

TAURUS: Daily life work, tending to health, and asking what your next level of service is to others (first to self, please) will present themselves to you now that Mercury is direct. There have been breakdowns this past month and a feeling of not moving forward. Now you will sense a swiftness of activity coming from a realization of purpose. Keep tending to the home. It is your foundation.

GEMINI: Relief and freedom are felt. Mercury, your own sign of communication (it belongs to you), moving forward lets you come out and about, sweet talk, everyone, gather and disperse data, and generally be the coyote you really are. Mercury retro’s task of organizing information gathered the last three months prepares you to collect and accumulate more information in the next three. What will that consist of?

CANCER:  What are you and your family talking about? Were there difficulties during the retro? Were you trying to make sense of where your home is and where to live? Whatever you were doing, stop. Where you live now is most important. Tend to it with care, consciousness, love and concentration. The first step is cleanliness, then order and organization. Your home will respond with gratitude in the form of light.

LEO: Have you been thinking and feeling a lot the last three weeks yet not communicating any of it to others? That was appropriate. But now it’s not anymore. Harbored and unspoken thoughts and feelings always need to come forth, be heard, and accepted. Find someone who loves you and who listens without interruption. Talk with them. Reveal your most important secrets. You will find freedom is released which then uncovers creativity.

VIRGO: As Mercury, your ruler, moves slowly forward it informs you that all that you give, which is a great amount on all levels, is recognized and appreciated on inner levels. And all the intentional energy of giving returns one hundred-fold. This is a universal law. You feel this week calmness and kindness, fun and play, quieting your constant sense of responsibility. The past slowly recedes.

LIBRA: You may have been thinking of how to help those in sorrow, who need care and thoughtfulness, kindness and understanding. In the month to come you will reach out to those in need in a more spacious manner. All judgements of others, especially family members, you will find are not useful to you. Nor are they Right Human Relations. Something teaches you this.

SCORPIO: You, like Libra, sense the sorrow of others and want to find ways to help. Because you and the United Nations are both Scorpio, you would find ways to assist others through the UN are understood. Your heart opens toward others in need because you know what that feels like. Begin in the UN Meditation Room (http://www.un.org/Depts/dhl/dag/meditationroom.htm) and move outward from there into the actual work of the UN. You will find like-mindedness you’re always been seeking.

SAGITTARIUS: A more clarifying vision of your future becomes available in weeks ahead. You may find that most of what you’re seeking is not a reality and where you are is where you must be at present. This is not a disappointment. You have a task to perfect, people to lead, visions to share with others so theirs expands. You are not lost, nor are you imprisoned. You are a disciple where you’re most needed. Ohm.

CAPRICORN: New structures and disciplines emerge, communication clears, little trips here and there are to be taken, so different perspectives are understood. You and others you work with or for talk of important things. Clearly you have the information and abilities they need and this is recognized. Simultaneously you have something else cooking concerning the future. Keep that in focus. It comes on little cat’s feet.

AQUARIUS: Try not to make decisions without seeking further details, second and third opinions, consulting various disciplines to find the correct answers dedicated to you, your health, welfare and finances. A new study of some type may be needed. Pace yourself, don’t overdo (worrying or playing), and know there’s a Plan for your life. Your task is to discover it.

PISCES: A greater mental power comes forth but not before previous ideas break down. The tests will continue and their purpose is to direct you upon the Path, your path so that a one-pointedness can again be assumed. This focus is so you can continue to gently transform and build and grow people’s minds, which direct them toward spirit. What else is a Pisces to do?

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