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Esoteric Astrology as news for week Oct. 25-31, 2007

Ellen and Iggy. Then Halloween

Ellen DeGeneres (Aquarius Sun) wept on TV this week for Iggy, her Brussels Griffon mix (girl dog). We checked Ellen’s chart and found in her progressed that she has Chiron (wound) conjunct Moon (emotions, attachments, tending and nurturing principles) in her 1st house of self-identity. Also, in her natal chart, with Sag rising, Ellen has Virgo (the sign of tending the animal kingdom) at her midheaven (area where our gifts are used for the world – our world work). Ellen wanted originally to be a veterinarian. Ellen has a highly-developed sensitivity toward animals (and children). Her crying was due to her frustration and incredulousness concerning the way she was treated by the Mutts and Moms organization. The situation isn’t over. Mercury (communication) will retrograde back to Ellen’s Neptune (incomprehensible information). Those of us who care for children and animals understand and have compassion for Ellen’s plight. There are two ways to behave in the world. The “that’s our policy” way, or
with understanding, compassion and loving practicality. Which is best?

To read about Scorpio, Ray 4, an important new book, Thursday’s Full Scorpio Hunter’s Moon (9:51 pm Pacific time), choosing between Scorpio or Virgo Paths, and the week’s Celestial Events, go to www.nightlightnews.com. Happy Halloween, everyone. Let the veils fall, the different dimensions appear, and gather marigolds for the Halloween altars!

ARIES: I hear that for some Aries, last week’s information on the need for closeness wasn’t, well, quite accepted. Or perhaps the road leading to your heart has been incrementally closing for awhile. I will, however, continue with this theme. As Mercury retrogrades in Libra it’s quite appropriate for Aries to review and evaluate all relationships, especially your truthfulness, ability to love, and heartfelt authenticity in them. For Halloween, be a relationship!

TAURUS: There’s lots of thinking going on concerning your environment and how to make it more comfortable, easy to maneuver in, have more nurturance, care and beauty. For this to occur, things need to be moved out, begone and banished forever to make room for the new, the Aquarian, the unrestrained. For Halloween you can’t decide what or who to be. Wear several identities at different times. You’ll be a jolt of Gemini polarity.

GEMINI: You’re concerned about finances and attempting in every way to find, create, work for, and summon more resources than you presently have. An excellent way to manifest something is to be that something. For Halloween be a million-dollar bill. In your heart you know that money (a bit more) would make you happy and ease a few issues. May your trick and treating be lucrative.

CANCER: Wearing red for your Halloween costume would be most appropriate. It brings focus to your newly revealed fiery nature, your plans to go out on your own, your hopes to be independent, to quit any and all situations not to you liking and to give yourself the freedom needed and desired. Be sure to allow others their own choices as you make yours. Remember you are not all others. You’re simply yourself.

LEO: The Full moon finds you at home, hiding away somewhere, from the piercing eyes of others, writing perhaps in a journal ensuring that the serious journey of your life is recorded for posterity (even though no one will ever find your journals in the end). If this Halloween, you do venture out and about, hide yourself behind a nun or monk’s dress. It very much speaks of your precious inner life at this time, doesn’t it? Think on this and then fall to your knees in prayer.

VIRGO: Let’s see, what would the Dweller on the Threshold’s costume be like? But then you’d have to attend (or create) an esoteric party to be understood. I know! The other side of the Dweller is the Angel of Presence. You could be an Angel this year, bringing help and comfort to all those who are sorrowful, wounded and in need. This is really what your Virgo chart shows so what I’ve written is real. You could also be Mother Theresa.

LIBRA: So much past is and will be showing up for the purpose of assessing and re-evaluating previous choices, beliefs that carried you this far, and actions that propelled you to where you are now. Many people tell you how things should be. But you know what your true heart says. I pray that you have will and courage, endurance and strength to go where you need and do what you must. You will. Dress as Paradise for Halloween.

SCORPIO:  You’re seeking distant horizons, far away and high up places in order to make sense of your direction in life, how to climb the ladder, where to get shoes strong and safe enough, and how your life will work out years from now. For Halloween, dress up as your goals, or at least your most important one. Home seems far away. Go there.

SAGITTARIUS: You just feel hidden away, behind the scenes, a curtain of work, indecision, and clouds. It’s OK to be there awhile. It allows the stars propelling (or stabilizing) your life to work without interference. Don’t fall or be befuddled with the nine tests presented this month. You can manage them, traverse beyond them, and discover your aspirations at the end of the rainbow. For Halloween be pirate’s booty. Grrrr.

CAPRICORN: Each month, before paying any bills or buying foods, put a little money away somewhere as a savings for later times. Do this first, create a good habit of it, and don’t miss a month (or week or whenever the money comes in). Over the years this will build up to a surprisingly large amount. Don’t tell anyone. Just do it. For Halloween either be Pluto or Persephone. Winter’s coming.

AQUARIUS: You want to have fun but you’re worried most of the time. Aquarians worry, which I’ve mentioned before. They worry about the past, the present, the future, money, family, home, and if anyone really loves them. They carry Saturn around, which makes them fearful, too. Things are going to ease up slowly. The next couple of months will need patience as you progress through a depth of feelings. Ask for what you need. Ask again. For Halloween, be Jupiter.

PISCES: The hidden aspects of your life will begin to be revealed. This will allow for the newer reality to be divined and then understood. Change keeps occurring. Each day another challenge must be met. Your mind will clear soon and revelations will occur. You’re in a state of purifying. It’s very difficult. Stay true to yourself. For Halloween, be the home that you want and actually need.

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