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A Prize, a Medal a Birthday Party

During Libra, based on what we know we observe, ponder upon, assess and choose which future path we will take. During Scorpio our Libra choices and decisions to “be of goodness” to radiate goodwill and to always work with right human relations (or not) are tested, strengthened, deepened and later, focused in Sagittarius. Last week, in the final days of Libra, and in this first week of Scorpio, several important spiritual events took place that created right relations and provided humanity with a template of goodness and actions. These events also prepared us for the rigorous discipleship training in Scorpio.

1.    Al Gore and the UN Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change won the Nobel Peace Prize.
2.    President Bush and Washington publicly honored His Holiness the Dalai Lama with a Congressional Medal of Honor. This was the first time that a sitting U.S. president appeared publicly with the Dalai Lama.
3.    A jewel of a celebration occurs Oct. 24. It is the Week of Spirituality (Oct. 21-24), the first year the spiritual NGOs (the UN’s inner esoteric groups) have instituted such an event in order to “integrate spirituality and values into all areas of the United Nations to support the spiritual principles, global ethics and universal values that underlie the work of the UN. For an esoteric view, discussions and more on the spiritual aspects of the UN go to & If emailing them, tell them Risa sent you.

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ARIES:  Love and romance are important and are sensitive subjects now. You want, desire, need, aspire, more than usual, a closeness with someone. Try and try again. In the meantime, financial answers appear when most needed. You can be calm, assured, comfortable and relaxed. Then love appears.

TAURUS: It’s most important to begin those serious and truthful conversations between you and someone(s) concerning issues past, present and future. Oftentimes it seems easier for you not to discuss issues. But there are so many issues gathering, problems are occurring, nothing’s clear nor are things being done. What are you waiting for? What are you afraid of?

GEMINI: Tending to family, finances, work in the world and to friends – all these have been on your mind in the past months. It’s time to tend to self. Physical well being is just the beginning. Joining a spa or work out or swim along with daily yoga (hatha) is a must.

CANCER: Work on your home and all areas you find yourself in. Bring order, organization, cleanliness and purity to the rooms, closets, corners, kitchen, offices, patios and gardens. You may worry about a child or loved one. They are ok, simply experiencing a learning stage. Prepare for travel.

LEO: It would be good to contact those from the past. Find out how and what they are doing and if there’s still a close connection. It’s good to know if they harbor sadness or sweetness concerning you and if you need to ask for or provide forgiveness. This clears your past, brings you to the present and creates joy, a quality of the Soul. Happiness is only for the personality.

VIRGO: The past has been very present, parts still are, but a new reality, structure and discipline are forming. It concerns your self-identity, which is defined by your gifts and creative endeavors. Name all of these and name the ones you want to have, which will then appear in the near future. Name your Virgo virtues, too. How is the Mercury retro for you?

LIBRA: Happy Birthday. In the following weeks, thoughts and ideas, feelings and remembrances will enter your mind and heart remaining there until you understand their purpose. A revelation may occur and like a lightning bolt, your whole life, especially childhood will make sense. That’s your birthday gift, perhaps. Did you contact your angels?

SCORPIO: Just a reminder that you have a whole month of tests to look forward to. Each year everyone does at this time, but you especially. Why? Because all Scorpios are in training for world work aiding suffering humanity. So all Scorpios (and Pisces), can understand suffering, they should experience it. An illumined purity results. Hold on.

SAGITTARIUS: At times you are feeling deep change. Then swiftly there are feelings of being overwhelmed. Then you plunge into a depth of feeling that is hardly understandable. You keep busy. Are events in your life bringing you in close emotional proximity to someone? This should be a good thing. Pace yourself.

CAPRICORN: You will feel as if you have no patience (perhaps). You may feel inwardly irritated and separate. It’s because you really want to be and do something and yet you realize there’s a bit of time before you and that identity meet. Know that you’re presently preparing for later when you’ll gather all your gifts and serve and save others. When that happens true love comes.

AQUARIUS: When called to be in retreat, when circumstances change the pace, breadth, and width of our days, when we can’t do what we are used to, a sort of surrender must take place. It’s not easy. When stopped somewhere it’s good to look around carefully and slowly to see things never encountered before. Write, draw, paint and photograph. Record this profound interruption. Praying heals.

PISCES: You might be having a crisis of faith. You might also be ready to give notice on dearly held beliefs. You might feel hurt, wounded, confused and ready to give up. I say do it. Because until accomplishing this final act, nothing will change. Try it on, go to the edge, have courage and faith. You’ve shown that you have endurance. Now you must take the leap and make the changes you need. You are capable.

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