Risa's Astrology Oct. 4-10

UN General Assembly Meets on Global Warming

I am writing this column in New York City on the 37th floor of the Rockefeller University scholar apartments overlooking the East River and Roosevelt Island. Twenty blocks south is the international territory of the United Nations with 192 national flags fluttering in the autumn winds. This week, for security, the streets surrounding the United Nations are blocked off for an important meeting of the UN General Assembly (GA). Gathering this week in the General Assembly room, above the UN Meditation room, will be over 150 countries and 80 heads of state and world leaders. The GA meets only once a year. The topic, unprecedented, is Global Warming.  Al Gore and Gov. Schwarzenegger, both in attendance attempting to “move the UN into action,” will call upon nations to agree on target dates for reducing greenhouse emissions. President Bush does not support this. UN climate chief, Yvo de Boer, says the meeting and subject are urgent. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s speech “The Future in Our Hands: Addressing the Leadership Challenge of Climate Change” has said that the time for doubt is over. His address is preparing the nations for the December summit on global warming in Bali.

When UN leaders meet, their consistent process is to find common ground and learn how to agree. The focus and intention are on all the nations being united. It is appropriate that the GA is meeting during Libra, sign of coming to balance, and creating Right Human Relations. Libra is also Ray 3 (Divine Intelligence) which is the Ray overseeing the Earth. Therefore we must have divine intelligence to tend to the earth’s needs. We are reciting the Great Invocation each morning as the GA meets in order that the minds and hearts of the world’s leaders be uplifted and come to Right Resolutions.

Note: Mercury retrogrades next Friday the 12th at 9 degrees Scorpio. It’s best to prepare this week. In New York the geese are preparing for winter. Flying low, honking noisily, in groups of five or six, they’re following the Sun and heading south. The week’s Celestial Events are at www.nightlightnews.com.

ARIES: The next month will be interesting, different and at times quite profound. You will look inward and reflect more than usual on what you believe in and many thoughts and ideas, feeling and musings usually hidden away will surface. Communication will affect you so deeply that you may change how you think. Finances, partnerships, mortality and life itself may be discussed.

TAURUS: Perhaps there needs to be a deep and clarifying discussion with your partner and other intimates. Perhaps a consultation with professionals will be called for. Taking a detached view of all difficulties won’t work anymore. This week make contacts, enter into negotiations, explain your point of view, and seek to connect so love and understanding emerges. Next week everything reverses.

GEMINI: Your ability to work mentally, tend to detail, order and organization is high. Watch as you seek perfection, make careful assessments, and make plans in advance. This is different for you and will last only for a short time so observe carefully. You will want all that you do to be done very well. One caution. Do not criticize.

CANCER: It is most important that you express yourself and talk about what’s on your mind. Create times with others where you and they can communicate, listen and hear one another, though you may not be able to listen well. Simultaneously, you need to have fun and to play. Some Cancers will play jokes on others. What mental pursuits amuse you? Do them.

LEO: You may retreat into your inner self in order to reflect upon all the ideas and impressions, thoughts and realities encountered in the last several months (since last Mercury retro). Leo’s energy (most Leos) naturally projects outward seeking recognition and praise in order to evolve. But now, the energy drifts inward seeking to know how the past informs the present. Your innermost feelings are the focus. Allow no pressure or distractions.

VIRGO: You feel at home with the energies falling to earth from Mercury. Contacts will be made both internally (understanding) and externally (communication with others). You won’t relax much and for this reason you must take daily naps to refresh and revitalize. New things will be learned. Watch for them, observe them, and write the impressions in your esoteric journal.

LIBRA: It is important to ponder upon, speak about, and record all that you value. This time in your life determines your future. What do you value physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Include possessions, virtues, people, and even past events that have occurred. All these define you. Knowing the self is important. A new self-identification, though progressing slowly, is immanent.

SCORPIO: If you observe your thoughts, you might find they jump from one idea to another so rapidly that confusion could result. Maybe not for you but it could for others since you might think you spoke but actually you didn’t. You only thought the words.  Informing others this may occur will assist in solving communication dilemmas. Relaxation is most important. Pursue some.

SAGITTARIUS: You may find, more than usual, that you’re keeping thoughts and feelings close to your heart. It could be you’re afraid others won’t quite understand the depths you’re experiencing. But not saying anything at all is equally not a wise choice. Using primarily the language of Goodwill keeps you safe from harm. Things spiritual, religious, and a focus on research allow you to retreat without withdrawing. Peace occurs quietly.

CAPRICORN: You continue to find yourself in groups and while there pondering upon hopes, wishes, dreams and goals. Assessing the quality of these groups and your position and well being in them gives you information on whether to stay within them or not. The Mercury retro next week begins a process of review. A new point of view appears. It’s from a young child.

AQUARIUS: You think about how you influence the world at large. You wonder what more can be done to bring about needed changes both in your life and the life of humanity. You may begin to study something new, plan future life changes, gain greater mastery in an already accomplished field, and communicate directly with those important to your future work. I suggest you study the United Nations.

PISCES: You, like Aquarius, are to begin a deep study that will satisfy your need for knowledge and new experiences. There is a call within for a larger life perspective. This means places far away will also beckon. Included in this is a new sense of service, justice, philosophy creating a different approach to life. Tolerance and compassion, two virtues, begin to stand side by side. You stand with them.

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