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Collins speaks on NWA economy at the new Streetsmart

Yes, the erstwhile economic guru, Jeff Collins, who is now touting the Streetsmart Coffee Hour, said last week despite an overall slowdown in the Northwest Arkansas commercial and residential real estate markets, the outlook for the Northwest Arkansas economy continues to be positive. He made the remarks during the inaugural Streetsmart Coffee Hour, hosted by the Streetsmart Data Service of Fayetteville.

Collins was once the golden boy of the UA Business College. Collins has words – strong words-that need to the said and heard in NWA.

“I think some stuff on the market will continue to sit, even as new subdivisions come on line. Some things will live and some things will just have to die. There are still lots of good opportunities in the market. We just need to be smarter about it.”

And being smart about things on the economic front is what has led Northwest Arkansas to be the economic engine for Arkansas and the region. Noting that nearly 7,000 new jobs have been created every year since 2003 in NWA, Collins said the data indicates that trend will continue for at least the next five years.  Woo Hoo. Pig Sooie. The new jobs, Collins said, will continue to bring new residents to
the area, which will help continue the demand for residential and multifamily housing. The demand that is not currently being met – especially affordable

Noting a decline in Benton and Washington County in the number of building permits issued during the first half of 2007 from the first half of 2006 which,
Collins said, shows that developers and contractors are seeing the current market saturation and choosing not to develop.

Look for more Streetsmarts from Collins in the future,because business is – even in a slowdown – booming in Northwest Arkansas.

Just in time for what is left of Razorback football, the newest U.S. Patent No. D551,128S was recently awarded to J. Kelly Renard of Little Rock. His invention: a Tailgate Party Trailer. Woo Pig!

Hair designs by two Fayetteville hair stylists, Amy Tomlinson and Missy Hollingsworth of Salon Professionals, are in the latest issue of Inspire, a quarterly publication about the hair fashion industry. The shots show off some of their before and after efforts. You Go Girls!

The top tax performers for July in the Fayetteville Advertising and Promotion tax collections were: 1. Chartwell’s Dining (UA); followed by Olive Garden, Golden Corral, Chick-fil-A; and Red Lobster. The 6- through 10 leaders were, in order, Logan’s Roadhouse, Chili’s, McDonald’s, Noodles and Penguin Ed’s.

Simmons Foods may have hit on something. They have opened in-plant clinics, some with actual doctors, in their processing plants in Siloam Springs. This saves its workers from taking off work for minor doctor visits. There are nurse practitioners at Simmons locations in Southwest City and Van Buren. Can the old company doctor concept be dead? Doesn’t look like it.

The opening of the Malco 12 (that new movie house with stadium seating and digital imaging near the Northwest Arkansas Mall) has been delayed until mid-October. No reason has been given, but heck, better late than never. Daddy hears that the old Malco 6 on North College will not close until the new place is opened.

The tiny Dickson Street bar, The Crown Pub, has applied for a private club permit. This will allow the bar to serve more than frothy brews.

Look for the old copper coins, sporting Honest Abe’s likeness to continue. But the Lincoln Memorial (yes, that’s the building on the tail side) will disappear in 2009. A log cabin, the likeness of the one where young Abe did his ciphering by the fireside will grace the new penny.

Have a great time. Spend your money. We are glad you are here. But please,
please, please could there be a realistic head count – just for the sake of a realistic head count?

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