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Esoteric Astrology as news for week Sept. 27-Oct. 3, 2007

The Days of the Week

We are still under the shadow of the Harvest moon, the first full moon of autumn. Venus is now the morning star. Thursday is Sukkoth, the Jewish thanksgiving and harvest festival. In New York City’s outdoor vegetable and fruit markets, on street corners and parks everywhere, signs were posted about the Jewish Holyday celebrations and their location. Thursday, ruled by Jupiter, Mercury enters Scorpio. How will we communicate? Will there be secrets? Friday, Venus ruled, Moon enters Taurus at 7:17 am (Pacific time). Thoughts and ideas, worries and interest in money, what we value, or resources and possessions rule the day. At 4:54 pm Mars enters Cancer. How will be nurture? Will we upset the family stability? Saturday, Saturn ruled, is best if we’re found resting. Sunday, Jupiter ruled, moon enters Gemini at 7:34 am. Everyone speaks quickly; we’re restless, playful and lighthearted (some of us). We seek, find and communicate important information. Monday, Moon ruled (we’re moody on Mondays), we’re serious and curious amidst multiple disruptions. Focus is difficult. Tuesday, Mars ruled, is v/c till 9:57 am when Cancer moon begins. Moon joins Mars at 12:54 pm. Watch as feelings shift like the tides, nurturance is sought, security becomes important and we find ourselves hungry for comforting foods. What are they? Calling mother (if we can) is good. Something spiritual enters matter. We opened the gate. Wednesday, Mercury ruled, is the 4th quarter moon. We draw back now, reflect on the past three weeks, reorganize, clarify, and begin to plan for the next new moon phase, that of Libra, where we pause for awhile in order to integrate all oppositions.

ARIES: Our most important work now is partnership and teamwork. Usually we’re individual, competitive, and working alone. But that doesn’t work well now. It is wise to notice all those around you, assess their needs, ask how you can assist, and help develop their qualities and gifts. Yours then emerge with startling brightness.

TAURUS: The necessary focus for you at this time is health. How are you feeling and what is needed for you to have optimum energy and vitality? Serving others begins best if we first tend to our own physical and emotional well being. This is easily said but are you doing this? A new focus on self creates a different daily schedule. Do what it takes to nourish yourself now.

GEMINI: What is occurring at home? What are you doing that brings forth your creative interests, hobbies and talents? Are you attempting to strengthen the bond of love between you and those important to you? Are you being dependable and loyal? Geminis are curious. Often they ask questions. I’m asking you now. How are your finances?

CANCER: It is time now to tend to your own self-care and physical health. You have wanted to do this for a while now but the time hasn’t been right. Now it is. You have the stamina to pursue with constancy an exercise and diet regime that shows results almost immediately. This propels you to continue. The more you persist the better you feel. Keep going.

LEO: Be aware that for a while you may feel that you are behind the scenes, behind a veil or a curtain. There may be a sense of withdrawal in order to reflect on all you have encountered recently. It may be that you discuss important matters with family and voice concerns to those who can listen. The past is informing the present so you can make informed choices. Stay here awhile.

VIRGO: Relaxation is not a primary consideration at this time. Thinking is. Daily events seem to take on a life of their own. They become fast, a bit disorderly, at time the pace could feel out of control. This makes for distracted activities. Gather as much information as you can. Reach no conclusions on important matters. You’ll need flexibility and patience. This will pass.

LIBRA: You will need a bit of leadership to get through the next couple of weeks and to move forward successfully. Use your excellent language skills to be in touch with others and to communicate how you feel and what you need. Others won’t know until you tell them. Be secure in the fact that only you know what you need. Call in confidence.

SCORPIO: There are many things about yourself you are yet to discover. There is information in deep emotions, information to be gained by observing feelings and reactions. Know that from these you are able to know more about yourself, but only if you watch and are attentive. What are you goals, hopes, wishes and dreams? Write them down. Tend to them through visualization.

SAGITTARIUS: There are things you are wishing for. What are they? Your mind focuses on them as simultaneously organize present responsibilities. Know that you have not been amiss in any way concerning your past, present or future choices and actions. You see change. You’re restless, a bit irritated, rebellious. These give you hope, revitalize you. Hold your vision.

CAPRICORN: You feel that more than most you know how to tend to things, have the best ideas, assume a good authority that allows cooperation with others, are an excellent listener and able to stabilize all situations. You are correct. And do you know why? Because you lead, are humanity’s mentor, understand leadership, and yes, you are the best. Now humility.

AQUARIUS: You’ve done your work and it was good. Now you feel the need to have a wider view of things, a more spacious understanding of your life so you can take a larger step into future plans. But something slows you down. It’s so you can create a new order for yourself and assess far ranging goals. Things change rapidly. Hold on.

PISCES: Your most deeply help needs must come out into the open soon. And it’s you who must heed them. You cannot expect others to if you do not trust yourself. Amidst the hurt and fear and pain there is a part of you that can move forward with intelligence and knowledge. Trust yourself, little fish. And begin to structure your new life with confidence and poise. Don’t give up.

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