Opinion: Daddy Warbucks

State drops in number of billionaires

Arkansas’ billionaire family, Them Waltons up in Bentonville, have been pushed outside the Top 10 Richest Folks in America list. But consider the drop only temporary.

Yes, the annual accounting of the richest folks in America placed Wal-Mart scion Jim Walton (Arvest Bank ) and elder brother S. Robson Walton (Wal-Mart upper management) at No. 12 on the richest list. Also tied with the brothers at No. 12 is sister-in-law Christine Walton (wife of the late John Walton) and his heirs. John died in a tragic ultra light crash a few years back. Little sis, Alice Walton—the visionary for XNA and Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art— clocks in at No. 13. Alice has apparently been dipping into her reserves to buy all that artwork you’ve been reading about. Oddly enough, these are the only showings on the 400 richest list who are from Arkansas. Absent are the likes of the late Jack Stephens and late Lt. Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller. Their estates have apparently been divided out.

Daddy W. heard about a “Welcome back to the City” party recently for a former Fayetteville School Board president, who has moved back into the Fayetteville city limits – taking a tony condo address on the Square. Why would this businessman return to the city, giving up country living? Some speculate a run for mayor might be cooking.

Nelson Driver finally gave out some real numbers for the Bikes, Blues and BBQ Festival. In a meeting to set the new parade route, Driver estimated that 8,000 motorcycles will participate in the Parade of Power. Thanks, Nelson.

Again Tyson Foods, the world’s largest protein supplier, is cutting back on the number of beef slaughters in several of its Midwestern states. The move will help the bottom line and match the national trend. Folks have less money to spend and are buying less beef.

Watch out fashion mavens! The Arkansas Apron, a $100 snazzy little fashion item (for those size 2 and under) are out. The Elizabeth Scokin design, manufactured under the title of Give Me Sugar, have a big red bow. If you haven’t figured it out- these are not kitchen items.

The  Nadine Baum Center has partnered with some local artists who will to teach pot throwing and other ceramics and mud arts at the center, which is a part of the Walton Arts Center. The classes, however, are not a part of the Center. For information call 927-2491.

Tumbling out of an announcement to put a face on the new line of Any’Tizer Meals – Tyson Foods has hired former Olympic Gymnast Mary Lou Retton to be their new spokesperson. The tiny gymnast will promote the new line of restaurant style snacks – popcorn chicken and boneless chicken products.

The annual Chile Pepper Cross Country Race is set Oct. 13. Jose’s, a long time sponsor and others will again host one of the nation’s best run cross country races for high school and college students in the nation.

The new Whole Hog Cafe has opened in Fiesta Square. Who says opening in the fall, amid football season, isn’t a good idea? Good luck folks.

The management of Acapulco Mexican Grill at 1602 A. East Robinson in Springdale, has applied for a state liquor permit. Orlando Gallegos is the permit applicant.

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