Risa's Astrology-Sept. 20

Esoteric Astrology as news for week September 19-25, 2007

Autumn Festivals & International Day of Peace

The week is filled with festivals. Friday is International Day of Peace. Saturday is Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement & Forgiveness), Sunday is Spring Equinox (the Soul Year begins) and Wednesday is the Full Sun/Moon of Libra/Aries. The “interlude’ begins.

Sunday, at 2:51 am (Pacific time) as the Sun enters Libra we enter the sacred season of autumn. In early Mystery Temples the four seasons were likened to the four quarters of the moon with Autumn being the last quarter. A last quarter moon always signifies something new and bright, powerful and wondrous is approaching. From now till Winter Solstice, every day becomes holy for as the Sun lowers itself ever deeper into the southern hemisphere (at Autumn equinox, the Sun is poised at the equator), the Light of the Sun penetrates ever deeper into the Earth, withdrawing into its heart (like Persephone, taken underground by Pluto who offered her pomegranates).

International Day of Peace (www.internationaldayofpeace.org/un.htm) Friday, September 21st was created by the UN General Assembly with the intention of inviting all of humanity (the world disciple) to participate together by observing a day of peace and non-violence. See http://www.intuition-in-service.org/peaceVigil.cfm. Since 1981 people from various religious and spiritual traditions have committed themselves to this task. At noon in every time zone there will be a moment of silence for Peace in our world. There is also a 24-hour vigil observed by many individuals and groups. Our Esoteric group (a triangle between west coast, midwest, east coast) will light candles and recite the Great Invocation hourly beginning midnight September 21st through midnight September 22nd. Join us, won’t you? To see how others are observing the 24-hour Peace vigil go to

How does one come to Peace? The Tibetan tells us the esoteric formula to develop, evolve, mature, and advance Peace. We begin with the intentions for Goodwill, which create Right Human Relations toward all kingdoms, which results in the Process of Peace. It always works. For the week’s Celestial Events and to read about my new journey and adventure, go to www.nightlightnews.com. And to Anonymous – thank you.

ARIES: Work, work and more work is your mantram and although it sounds difficult it’s actually good for you and the result will be a new definition of self as one who can structure and define and discipline when life calls (you) for them. You will feel a great sense of accomplishment, too. The labor is preparing you for things to come. Bigger, better and transformational.

TAURUS: Like Aries, the amount of work arising seems to be creating daily emergencies that only you are capable of handling with keen clarity and poise. While everyone else falls into chaos, you simply pick up the reins and keep going. It’s good to look upon this period of your life as a dream, an enterprise, a quest and an adventure. It will end soon enough. For now, you’re in charge. Are you surprised?

GEMINI:  Flexibility, as you must realize by now, needs to be your keynote, keyword, and daily mantric chant because a shifting of priorities seems to be occurring at your foundation, at home, where you stand, what you stand for and within a long-distance goal and idea that has simply ceased to be. So the question is where do you stand (and for what) now? Read this over and over. Understanding will occur gently, eventually.

CANCER: Walking is the most important task you can commit to now. For health and for the expansion of your awareness. Things are seen while walking not seen any other time. Moving slowly in the air under the sky on the earth allows us to have feedback from the natural environment and creates a two-way conversation with nature (the body of God). Words (and works) will appear as if by magic. For you.

LEO: You must feel a sense of freedom these past weeks since Saturn has left his disciplining of you (Leos) to now discipline (a good thing) Virgos. You must feel relief and spaciousness, a sense of refinement, restoration and new ability to make choices, to create a new value system, to be who you are unrestrained, unlimited and unhampered. So now what matters most to you? And what will discipline?

VIRGO: It’s a different idea to make your home into a temple. Sanctify and bless it. Rethink each room as temple rooms. Then redesign and dedicate them to the Vestal (pure) light of intelligence, love, and wisdom. Do this work as one would do holy work and with willingness and spiritual purpose. Then the outer and inner of your life will unify. The Dweller is on the Threshold.

LIBRA: I had a conversation the other day about manifestation, the subject in The Secret. I listened and heard a lot of judgement such as the following; “Look at her life. It’s unhappy. She isn’t manifesting her happiness.” Au contraire, I thought. Each person is always doing their very best according to their knowledge and consciousness. Libra, you’re doing your best. There are greater realities sometimes ruling our lives. Like pain and suffering. Like beauty and joy. At different times.

SCORPIO: Do you have expanding goals for your future. Are you speaking your true values and has love showed up in your thoughts, conversations, ideals, creating new ways of thinking. Do you want to attend school or create a cultural event or communicate with important people before going into a sort of seclusion for awhile? Restraints have been lifted. Don’t allow anyone to reinsert them.

SAGITTARIUS: You make plans. They wander about by themselves and you wonder where they’ve gone. You make more plans. They shift themselves into responsibilities and you work harder than usual. You decide not to make plans, committing yourself to simply what’s at hand. New plans appear all by themselves. They come from nowhere, somewhere. They have their own timing. That timing becomes your timing. Revelation and suspension of reality is all there is. You become self-realized.

CAPRICORN: No matter how you attempt to create your reality and the reality of your family, something new, unusual, unexpected steps in and changes that reality. The results of your plans at times achieve unbelievable outcomes. There are simple things to know though. Capricorns hold things together, navigate humanity up the mountain and down again. Your reality isn’t your own anymore. It belongs to the illumination, betterment and beautifying of the world.

AQUARIUS: A reader wrote that his money was doing well and why was I always speaking of money to Aquarians. Instead of money, I’ll substitute values. What are your values, what do you value, what is of value. Are yours changing? And is there a wound concerning what you value? If you cannot answer these questions observe your life. Whatever you prioritize each day is what you value. It’s important to define these things. They define you.

PISCES: A new life direction is beginning, like a quiet heartbeat, to pulsate within and around you. It is as if the future has come to sit with you, preparing you for an adventure you can’t quite see yet. A sense of empowerment will take hold, a balancing will begin to navigate all that you do, and greater clarity will be available about your life’s purpose. You’re sustained and succored.

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