Risa's Astrology Sept. 13-19

“Giving” – Clinton’s New Book

As Saturn (cultivation, practice of) enters Virgo, sign of service, serving others, of giving and being given to so we can give and give again, as areas of the world and its humanity are experiencing unbearable suffering (Darfur, Ethiopia, etc.), Bill Clinton’s new book, Giving: How Each of Us Can Change the World” comes forth. Referring to giving as “citizen (you and me) activism”, the book illustrates how we (can) assist in the care and well being of one another. Clinton (Pisces, sign of ‘Saving Humanity” on the 6th house cusp of service) writes, “Almost everyone – regardless of income, available time, age, and skills, can do something useful for others and, in the process, strengthen the fabric of our shared humanity.” Giving describes many extraordinary people (private citizens) and organizations “who represent a global floodtide of ‘non-governmental’, non-profit activity” and whose offerings of time, skills, objects and ideas are as vitally important as monetary contributions. .”

Reading this book assists us in self-identity (what can we do?) and in acknowledging that perhaps we are already (or will become) part of this extraordinary and expanding network of generosity in the Age of Compassion (read Aquarius Age). Esoterically, giving is a form of Serving and both are under the Law of Sacrifice, the first Law of the Soul. There are different “givings” (sacrifices). The impulse to give can be traced throughout every kingdom in nature since the beginning of time. Humanity is just now remembering. Read more on this Law and the weekly Celestial Events at www.nightlightnews.com as we ponder How do we each give? Rosh Hashanah & Ramadan begin this Libra, Scorpio, Sag moons week.

ARIES:  It is most important for you to observe your communication skills, how you speak, what you say, why, and if there are any judgmental hidden agendas behind your words. Hopefully there aren’t any. What you say is listened to intently by others now for you have the information needed. Careful with neighbors, driving and siblings. Tend to them.

TAURUS: Personal relationships are serious and will continue to be. A restructuring and reorienting will take place with all those you are close with. You may feel restricted along with more responsibility. Both will strengthen bonds with those you love. Patience will be needed with just about everyone. What was simple has turned into deep complexity. For everyone.

GEMINI: Allow things to be just as they are for awhile. Why? So you can observe yourself and discern what your needs are, what your true creativity seeks to be, and how to bring more unity and synthesis to all relationships. A feeling of oneness will occur to you later in the week. It’s a bit like the arms or voice of God surrounding you. Love holds you. Hold still.

CANCER: It’s most important that you not criticize anyone or anything. It’s most important that the needed changes you feel begin with you and your internal structure of thinking and communicating. Use your speech for a deeper level of intentional Right Human Relations and the radiating of Goodwill. Be aware of hidden reasons and agendas. They always return to you.

LEO: The organization of all finances and possessions is the order of the day. In between preparing this another situation needs your attention and that is communication, with intentions to create contact, with family members, close friends, and siblings if you have them. Life changes us and you need to keep up with the changes in your family. And they with you. Because love is needed.

VIRGO: While others organize their outer lives you will be thinking of ways to bring greater order to your inner self. But there is a possibility that you will go overboard and become obsessed with cleanliness, purity, neatness, service, tending and caring with too extreme detail. Be aware this could occur and watch out for it. It will take you off course. Stand in the middle and direct from there.

LIBRA: There may be a lot of dreaming occurring in your life while sleeping or while driving, the latter of which you may be doing a lot of while also thinking of traveling somewhere and that place will bring you in touch with many many cultures and actually touch on your deepest hidden secret unknown to you yet still there. So what are you thinking and dreaming these days? And what are you afraid of?

SCORPIO: Take your money somewhere else where the rate is better or put it in different stocks or discuss with someone you trust just what to do with your finances and use some of it to heal something at home and don’t let anyone, not even your most trusted group, criticize you and you can’t criticize anymore either. You’re the leader now. Tithe.

SAGITTARIUS: Read Clinton’s new book and figure out how it fits you and how you can apply giving to heal certain inner wounds. Use the information to forget certain expectations you have and then all of a sudden those expectations will be met but in very different ways than you could imagine. You are the trip you’re going to take and you are the traveler.

CAPRICORN: Hide away a bit and do some dreaming about what it is you need to make you feel productive and successful and what you need to realize your life’s meaningful. Then take yourself to where your gifts are recognized and offer them over and over till they’re received enough. Don’t falter, don’t be sad, don’t set time limits on anything. Give more and help someone in need. Hint. It’s up the mountain.

AQUARIUS: Perhaps I need to say this over and over. Do you know where your money is? Do you know where it’s going? Do you know how much you spend and how much money is coming in? Do you keep financial files? Do you balance your checkbook? Is your money safe? Don’t loan and don’t apply for one either. Not yet, not now. Tending to this very practical resource will come in handy soon. Be proud.

PISCES: There are people you haven’t met yet, but it’s going to be time that you meet them. There are people you’ve heard about that you will at some time soon need to contact. There are places you will travel to that will further your world work. A new schedule will have to be adapted, new clothes gotten, new shoes and new work. You can do it. Go slowly, yet go.

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