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Esoteric Astrology as news for week September 6-12, 2007

Solar Eclipse = Essential Change

Another eclipse this week, partial and solar, at the Virgo new moon Tuesday, two days before Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year). Pluto, the god of the underworld who took Persephone underground (signifying winter) to eat juicy red pomegranates to the wild grief of her mother, Ceres, turns direct Friday at 7:54 am. Saturday, good in terms of relationship perils and money vicissitudes, Venus turns direct at 9:13 am. But wait! Venus will still be within her retro shadow until October 11th. So concerning finances, buying things and relationships, we must wait till that date for things to stabilize and re-balance.

The 18 degrees Virgo new moon solar eclipse occurs Tuesday morning, 5:44 am (Pacific time), the birthday of D. H. Lawrence, novelist, travel writer and artist (his provocative “forbidden art” paintings are at Hotel La Fonda in Taos, New Mexico). Solar eclipses bring about essential inner changes. Where (in what house) 18 degrees Virgo is in the chart (person, events, city, state, nation, etc.) indicates where the expression of essential change will manifest.

Join the New Group of World Servers (NGWS) by reciting the Great Invocation during this new moon eclipse. The meditative seed thoughts of Virgo are:

For the growth of the personality:
“Let matter reign.” Form and matter are what the personality uses for its experiential growth. It is the “mother” to the personality and is necessary for the growth of awareness and consciousness.

For the Soul:
“I am the Mother and the Child. I, God, and I Matter, Am.”
Virgo, is pregnant and gestating a new state of consciousness within matter (Virgo). Within matter is the fire of God, hidden. When God fire and earth matter join, consciousness (new birth) results. This is the Son (Sun), the Holy child born in each of us through the Soul.

Wednesday, Libra moon, there are few celestial influences. We are free for one day only. Note to readers: For more extensive coverage of the month, week, the sign and any spectacular celestial events go to my (Risa’s) website www.nightlightnews.com. I will be writing more on Saturn (the Dweller on the Threshold) in Virgo, what it influences and the health (Virgo) of humanity during these Saturn in Virgo times.

ARIES: It’s begun, the restructuring of your daily life which includes health, what you do each day, who you meet, how you interact, your every day work (whether home or out in the world), and should you have pets, a tending to them beyond expectations. Work responsibilities increase incrementally so rest is very necessary lest pressure become a tense way of life. The past closes up.

TAURUS: Perhaps you didn’t think you were creative or it’s been hidden or there’s fear in exhibiting it. An identity of what creativity actually is and what yours is specifically begins. Perhaps its children or investments, gambling in Las Vegas or entertainment or lots of love affairs (I think not). Whatever it is you become completely aware of yourself. One more thing. Anything you’ve overindulged in will cease.

GEMINI: The foundational essence of yourself, your deepest nurturing needs, present themselves and at first their depth could frighten you but eventually you realize a new beginning is about to occur and so you relax into a new phase of self-discovery, self-awareness and a resolving of all family differences and difficulties. You have been waiting for this for many years. Use this time well.

CANCER: Communication and building community are themes your mind will ponder upon and in bettering your communication and in building community, you will form a more solid foundation with siblings and/or those who you interact with daily. What seems to be self-inadequacy will be overcome. What you’ve neglected you will tend and nurture. You will repair, replace and redo. It will be fun.

LEO: Your sense of values, what you feel is most important (money, love, art, tending a specific kingdom in nature, community, creativity, etc.?) will begin to redefine you and awaken within priorities you didn’t know existed. Keeping a journal of your changing values (what do I like, what don’t I anymore?) provides an overview of how you are being changed swiftly over time. You will distinguish also what you don’t want. A vital thing to know.

VIRGO: The last twenty-eight years (or since you were born) have come to a close and a new phase of twenty-eight years now begins. You will change how you look, reinventing yourself as you discern, weigh, and discriminate the past needs replacing them with the future. You will do a perfect and excellent job in this endeavor. New happiness takes shape.

LIBRA: The past twenty years have been something, yes? Almost unbelievable, at times very difficult with very specific decisions made. There will be in the next several years a stripping away, a leaving of many things no longer useful or productive. You may face fears and worries but the more you eliminate, the less fear there will be. The past will be faced with thoughtful intelligence, mental clarity and strength. And the meaning of your life becomes clear.

SCORPIO: Whom you interact with, your friends, and your career are areas you will redefine. It’s time for satisfaction and happiness. You will ponder your purpose with those in your daily life. You will think about previous goals, hopes and wishes assessing if they fit your present. You will ask so many questions of yourself. Their purpose is to refine you and bring you to a more complete sense of self-awareness and freedom from fear.

SAGITTARIUS: You’re sharpening your arrow, flexing your bow, tending to your white stallion for a journey is to be taken. You’re looking for courage, yearning for challenged, seeking possibilities, hoping for adjustments and new opportunities to surface. A sense of maturity is just around the corner along. Realize it takes the greatest amount of responsibility to be successful and fulfilled. A razor’s edge.

CAPRICORN: A redefinition of how you think and what believe in takes residence in your mind and heart creating a redefinition of your philosophy of life (do you know yours yet?). It’s good to be in school, to seek work on the way up a mountain, to see life as an adventure, to think about writing and publishing, to broaden your intelligence, to receive specialized training, to seek all things cultural and to become part of a spiritual group. So much to do. In time.

AQUARIUS: You’ve begun to evaluate yourself, asking what are your skills and abilities, seeking ways to hone, sharpen and to distribute them in ways that serve others. This thought will re-occur over and over until you understand that to receive more you must give more and then give more again. You will be given responsibilities, perhaps monetary ones to see how you handle assets and resources (self is a resource). Learning all these insures your future security.

PISCES: It is most important for you to know that you will clarify and redefine partnerships, seeing clearly how you’ve made previous partnership decisions, assessing present agreements (stated or not), and gathering information on whether you can maintain these agreements. Responsibilities will increase and you will need to distinguish what needs are truly yours and what are not. There may be a dissolving or there may be greater commitment. Only you will know what is best. Follow your heart. Find it first.

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