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Esoteric Astrology as news for week April 19-25, 2007

Preparing for Wesak

This week and the two following I will write about the Wesak festival so that we can more fully understand, prepare and participate in the May 2nd Buddha Wesak Taurus Full Moon Festival, the high point of the spiritual year. Whereas the Aries Resurrection Full Moon Festival emphasized Ray 2, the principles of Wisdom resulting in Love, the star Sirius where Love originates and the Hierarchy (inner spiritual world government we are all called to join), the Wesak Buddha Festival highlights Ray 1, the principles of Will & Power of God and Shamballa, that silent peaceful place where Sanat Kumar, Lord of the World from Venus, resides.

During the week of Wesak I’ll write the legend of the Vaisaka (Waters) Valley — a protected place deep in the Himalayas where the Wesak Festival takes place. Until then it is important that we realize the Wesak Festival Full Moon is that moment (full moon) when the Buddha, who prepared the Way for his brother the Christ 2,500 years ago, reappears to humanity bearing a blessing from Shamballa (where the will of God in Known). The Buddha’s task is to keep the channel of Light (Mind of God) open between God and Humanity. This is so the light (containing knowledge) can irradiate the minds of humanity so that eventually “in the light we shall see Light.” It is only recently that humanity has been able to participate in the Wesak Festival. The Festival occurs in Taurus, sign of the Buddha, messenger of Shamballa, and sign of humanity’s “major life incentive” (to be enlightened). (Read more on Wesak, Don Imus and Mercury, food and disappearing bees at www.nightlightnews.com & remember Earth Day, everyone!)

The week: Thursday’s Sun trine Pluto provides us with two polarizing geographical views – the Sun at the center of our solar system and Pluto at the Galactic center of our Solar system, entrance to a black hole and on the other side is what? Sun is Ray 2 (Love/Wisdom) and Pluto is Ray 1. This creates on earth the “willingness to love,” or “loving will.” We are t ponder this.

Friday, amidst multiple moon connections with most of the planets (it’s an up and down day), at 4:07 am Pacific time, Sun enters Venus-ruled Taurus, sign of seeking comfort and the fine art of living. Nature begins to show itself to humanity as abundant and plentiful, beautiful and fragrance. Saturday is intelligent and fiery so we get on with chores, agendas, new plans and ideas. It’s v/c till 10:50 am when moon enters Cancer, sign of staying home, cooking, tending and foods that nurture. Our instincts for survival emerge. Time to think about greenhouses, above and below ground. These are big thoughts as Mercury and Jupiter trine in the afternoon. Conversations flow. It’s a perfect time to have guests over and plan the future as a village and community exhibiting new ways of living. Have someone record all ideas precipitating from the Mind of God. Watch the Lyrids meteor showers tonight.

Sunday is Earth Day. Begin a family garden and a water garden. Grow lotuses and watercress. Sunday is compassionate and kind. Rest today. Monday is v/c till 4:38 pm when the moon enters Leo and everyone’s in charge strutting around seeing recognition. Don’t be fooled by the quiet ones. Recognize them, too. Tuesday is imaginative, a bit indulgent and quite opinionated.

On Wednesday let’s look ahead a bit now to prepare for the future. Mercury retrogrades June16th at 11 degrees Cancer (near the US Sun, Sirius, & G.W. Bush’s Sun). Therefore, within the next two months, buy those houses, tractors, cows, horses, trailers, cars, refrigerators, ranges, rugs, etc. before Mercury retreats. Retrogrades allow us to review, reassess, and re-examine. The second half of 2009, from June through December and on into January of 2007, except for one five-week period, the personal planets – Mercury, Venus, and Mars – will be retrograding. Therefore, it’s best to do major changes or moves, and buy important items now. It will be much more difficult later with surprising outcomes (all outcomes of events occurring in retrogrades are surprising). There’s much to prepare – the Wesak Festival (what crystal to use?), the Gemini Festival and then the summer retrogrades.

ARIES: As things we thought were stable begin to de-stabilize, you look around and wonder where you’re going, what you’re doing, why, and who and what’s going with you. These are preparing thoughts, good for one who has to always lead the Way even when they don’t know the direction, beginning or ending points, and always wonders about identity. A new creativity enters. Don’t be confused. Be expectant.

TAURUS: Something about home and foundations and how you live and move and have your being is in a process of re-structuring, leaving, calling for help, needing care, and/or in general simply calls for your complete attention. As if you have nothing else to do, yes? Tend as well as you can to things in form and matter. Do whatever you can to bring the body into balance. Sugar and sodas aren’t allowed.

GEMINI: A restructuring of how you think and what you believe continues, peaking and ebbing in the past several years. It occurred in February and will again this week. So be aware of any different thoughts occurring, new ideas precipitating, impressions that are different and unusual, thoughts impelling some sort of internal shift and people representing transformation appearing in your life (or mind). Track these, journal them, for later usefulness in just when your new life began.

CANCER: You will most likely feel in the next month that you are working much too hard, your schedule is too difficult and that you need more nourishment and sleep. All of these are a reality to you. Begin with diet and sleep. Then add gratitude and praise. I know these sound like they don’t go together but to get all of the first, practicing from the heart the second things (praise and gratitude) insures that the first appear. Think on these things.

LEO: Some sort of vacation or break in the habitual day to day would come as a form of nurturance to you. You need to feel cared for, life-sustained, and tended from a new perspective. From this will then come a new sustained level of creative work and thought and new goals will occur to you following your life’s path. So where and how can this care come to you? Do you ask, seek, find, or grab for it? There is someone who can help. Who?

VIRGO: Be aware of what leads to or accelerates stress and worry. Awareness allows you to stop, look and listen, breathe deeply, practice yoga, run, walk, and/or write everything down recording what is difficult. Ask others in your life close to you if there is anything they need to say or do that you can assist them in. Music is most important now. What are you listening to? Kirtans (sacred chants) are best.

LIBRA: You might realize that you have felt estranged from an important source of life-giving love and weren’t aware of this till now. Nonetheless it’s been so long since its been allowed into your life it will take months if not years to become re-acquainted. What you had to do was develop your own life giving nectar and sustain yourself within your own choices. They have been good ones. The bees are gone. Did you know?

SCORPIO: Work actually becomes a source of not simply income but also of care and nurturance. It leads you to places nothing and no one else can. There’s a change coming soon. We don’t know what it will look like. We only know it’s coming. What change(s) would you like in your life? Work hard these coming weeks. Don’t be angry or misuse your energy. Radiate Goodwill at all times. Peace follows.

SAGITTARIUS: Of all the signs you’re perhaps the happiest now, the one whose identity is growing and changing at a rapid pace and overcoming the past transformations that literally brought you to your knees. Communication, thoughts and ideas may be confusing, you could be confusing others, or, confused not at all, your thoughts turn to good and Godly things. All could occur at once! Don’t allow hurts to hurt too much. They are tuning you up to be a Vesta.

CAPRICORN: Whereas you may have felt estranged from loved ones and experienced life as relentless work with overwhelming schedules, comfort and well-being are soon to appear Intimacy too may return (it’s never really lost), daily life becomes a bit easier and you find yourself seeking small retreats here and there which revitalize. What wasn’t moving forward begins to now so hold on to whatever’s stable. And another thing – guilt isn’t allowed here.

AQUARIUS: Your mind will be filled with insightful thoughts, inspiration, imaginative ideas, impressions from the Hierarchy seeking which Aquarius can assist them in bringing forth the new culture and civilization, the new world order, the new Laws and Principles and the new world religion. Are you interested? Do you have time? Do you understand? Are you available?

PISCES: Are you experiencing more energy and ability to work longer with more equilibrium each day? Mars in Pisces till mid May allows you to be alert and very able spiritually, mentally and physically. When needs arise, visualize their fulfillment. Do this over and over till all needs are met. As the earth begins to right itself, you will be part of the group of great ones assisting humanity. This will be the opportunity your life has preparing for. Ohm.

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