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Review: Gotham, Ep. 6 "Spirit of the Goat"

I find myself half-praying every time Gotham comes on, that this episode will finally unlock the show’s potential.


Review: Gotham, Ep. 5 "Viper"

So now Bruce has a murder wall. sigh. Look, I get it. He’s determined. This is just nonsensical to me because he’s a ten year old. His parents just died.


Review: "Gotham" Ep. 3

Another week gone by, another large step back for Gotham.


Gotham, Ep. 2: "Selina Kyle" Review

I enjoyed my time in Gotham, but it was more like the second time one visits New York City for me this time around. I saw all the sights the first time, this time I noticed all the not-awesome of it.