Gift giving for the clothing conscious man

Gift giving for the clothing conscious man

Q. My father is very clothing conscious. He definitely has his own style and I am hesitant to buy him anything to wear. Would you suggest some holiday gifts “for the man who likes to dress”? I think it’s too dangerous to pick clothing for him. 

A. The truth is that gift shopping is always a challenge, but your situation may be even harder. It is important to know what items to buy and what not – in this case, NOT clothing – but maybe “yes” to items related to clothing and appearance. Knowing “your customer” always helps. 

Ideal for the man who cares how he looks is a shower clock/radio with a fog-free mirror. Imagine the possibilities – time, shaving, news, and karaoke – all before he steps out of the shower. After his shower, choosing a tie for the day is easy with a telescoping device for his closet – a tie and belt organizer – that keeps ties neat and smooth in a minimum of space.

A clothes valet (the gadget a man hangs his trousers on overnight), either with or without a pants presser, is a gift men like. For some reason a shoe-polishing kit is not.

Handsome luggage is something that everyone enjoys; certainly, it is an element of one’s appearance. Some names to look for are: Tumi, Jeep, and Victorinox (the Swiss Army knife people). Other ideas are a fine leather portfolio (smaller than a briefcase), a laptop sleeve from Josh Bach, and perhaps a Mont Blanc pen.  

A gift that almost every woman wants and that almost no man realizes he would enjoy is a pampering visit to a spa. This can range across the board, from a truly luxurious stay at an overnight exercise-and-diet place such as Canyon Ranch, to an all-day series of treatments, or a gift certificate for a pedicure at a nearby establishment. Most men don’t realize how good this feels, how nice it is to have toes you are not ashamed of, and how much they can learn about taking care of their own feet – no polish, of course.

If such an idea seems beyond your budget, a simpler version of the same idea can work as a stocking stuffer – foot cream and a handy foot-smoothing pumice device. These vary from grand offerings in spa catalogues to inexpensive items from Dr. Scholl’s.  

One brand new item that I discovered this year is perfect for any man who dresses well and who also owns a dog. Josh Bach, the company that specializes in truly unique silk neckties and other very special and unusual men’s accessories, has a collection of neck bandanas for dogs ($30) that come in a lot of different patterns. Check out>collections>josh-bark. My favorite one is perfect for a well-dressed man’s best friend. Called “The Big Dawg Necktie Dog Bandana in Blue,” it looks like a dark pin-striped suit, a vest, a nice dress shirt, and a good-looking blue patterned necktie. Needless to say, the effect is really adorable.   

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