Arts Live Theatre flies with ‘Peter Pan Jr.’ Nov. 10-13

Arts Live Theatre flies with ‘Peter Pan Jr.’ Nov. 10-13

Growing up is overrated. With bills, inflation and the ever-so-contentious level of political discourse these days, who doesn’t want to fly away to Neverland and spend all day in a land of imagination?

“What I think is interesting is when [Peter Pan] is confronted with reality, growing up — it’s like, nope, not interested,” says Julie Gabel, director of “Peter Pan Jr.” for Arts Live Theatre. Who can blame him?

“We want to stay in this pretend world. And so I think that’s so much of what theater does,” Gabel adds. Just as the Darling children escape to a land where “all the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust,” the theater is an escape from reality once the house lights dim and the stage lights up with story, song and wonder.

“Peter Pan Jr.” is based on the 1954 Broadway production of “Peter Pan.” The musical is adapted for younger audiences but is still the story of the Darling children, who escape with Peter Pan and Tinkerbell to Neverland and join the Lost Boys. Once there, they become friends with the Brave Girls, with whom they face the blundering Captain Hook and his incompetent band of pirates with a ticking crocodile never far way.

Since this is a musical, there will be a large cast of young people both on stage and behind the scenes learning the ins and outs of running a big production.

“We have 25 actors who will be on stage. We’ll also have some young people crewing — helping the costumer with costuming and helping the front of house by passing out programs, and also running our lights and sound,” says Gabel, who is the education director of Arts Live. “We have kids who have been around for a while, and they want to investigate other parts of theater besides just being on stage, which is great.”

While the small theater on Sang Avenue is the perfect size for workshops and smaller performances, “Peter Pan Jr.” needs more space, so Arts Live will present the musical in Clapp Auditorium on Mount Sequoyah in Fayetteville. Gabel says that while not part of the production, the gorgeous fall scenery offers a nice backdrop.

“We’ve never been there before, so we’re looking forward to it. The staff up there has been very, very kind, very helpful to us,” Gabel adds. “It’s a beautiful space up there, especially with the leaves changing right now.”



‘Peter Pan Jr.: The Musical’

WHEN — 7 p.m. Nov. 10-11; 2 & 7 p.m. Nov. 12; 2 p.m. Nov. 13

WHERE — Clapp Auditorium at Mount Sequoyah, 150 N. Skyline Drive in Fayetteville.

COST — $12-$15; $10 per person tickets for groups of 10 or more are available by calling 521-4932 or emailing


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