Arts Live Actors Put Their Hearts In To ‘Holes’

Arts Live Actors Put Their Hearts In To ‘Holes’

When Louis Sachar’s classic young adult novel “Holes” was published in 1998, it was a success with both teen audiences and critics alike. Sachar’s complex but imminently readable book was lauded for its diverse characters and sensitive handling of difficult topics like racism, homelessness, learning disabilities and class issues. Director Jason Suel, who directs the Arts Live Theatre production of “Holes” that opens Feb. 27, says the popular book translates well to the stage.

“It’s interesting. There are, obviously, good guys and bad guys in the story — some of them say, ‘I came from bad ancestry, and my family is still suffering from that,’” notes Suel. “But others say, ‘My ancestors may have made some bad choices, but we’re coming out of it and getting stronger.’ I love this idea of legacy and family and learning something about yourself; it’s really relevant today.”

Much of the play’s plot line takes place at a juvenile detention camp.

“Some of the characters made bad choices, and we’re dealing with the consequences — these kids being in this camp, the choices they made that led them there,” says Suel. “These kids who may be outsiders who have gotten in trouble — how are they working to redeem their characters and their spirit and their personality? And, in the show, the people who are in charge are showing negative traits, so [the cast and I] have conversations about leadership and knowing when to question authority and doing it respectfully — knowing when it’s out of line and being bold enough to step up.

“There’s a lot going on in this little play that we’ve put together.”

And, according to Suel, they’re on the right track.

“This cast is amazing,” he says. “They follow directions really well, there’s no in-fighting — I think that speaks to the caliber of artists that Arts Live is churning out [and] allowing the kids to just be who they truly are. We have a great group of upper classmen in this show, and they have grabbed the bull by its horns and have been great role models and positive examples to the young people.”





WHEN — 7 p.m. Feb. 27-29; 2 p.m. Feb. 29 & March 1

WHERE — Arts Live Theatre, 818 N. Sang Ave., Fayetteville

COST — $10-$12

INFO — 521-4932

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