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Risa's Astrology

Under Gemini – Speaking in Tongues

Sunday (June 9th) is Pentecost – fifty (pente) days after Easter and one of the most important festivals for the Aquarian Age. It is good to understand Pentecost in today’s

In The News

Artist Skinks Up Park

Lizard mural coming to central Fayetteville STACY RYBURN A 20-foot-long skink will invade Gregory Park this summer. The Fayetteville Parks and Recreation Advisory Board on June 3 signed off

Advice Goddess

The Pathogen Of Least Resistance

I live with my girlfriend, who’s really picky about how clean and tidy the house has to be. God forbid I put a bowl on the dish rack that isn’t

Male Call

What shirt is this?

Q. I have a few of those shirts with two different patterns. There is the main pattern that you always see, and another one that only shows when you open