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Nov. 9 Richard Burnett — 7 p.m., After 5 Bar, Rogers. Bike Rack Records Release Party — 7 p.m., Record, Bentonville. $25-$85. TownHouseFire — 8 p.m., Black Apple Crossing, Springdale.

Advice Goddess

Best Man For The Sob and Denial Of Cervix

Best Man For The Sob I’m a 28-year-old guy with an amazing girlfriend. She gets upset and sometimes cries, and I never know how to soothe her. I’m afraid to

In The News

Public school enrollment tops 87,000

DAVE PEROZEK Springdale’s Hellstern Middle School is home to about 1,000 sixth- and seventh-graders. That’s almost as many as the building can handle. The school uses commons areas for

Male Call

Clothes Matter

Q. Yesterday I attended a meeting and ran into a man whom I was thinking of inviting to a party I am having. I had only met him once before