Four Minutes, Four Questions with Terrilyn Wendling, Rogers Historical Museum

Four Minutes, Four Questions with Terrilyn Wendling, Rogers Historical Museum

So far, says Terrilyn Wendling, assistant director of the Rogers Historical Museum, the current buildings have not been much affected by expansion efforts that include the refurbished Hailey Building across Second Street.


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A rendering by DeLeon & Primmer Workshop of Louiseville, Ky., illustrates the future home of the Rogers Historical Museum. Currently under renovation across the street from the museum’s current home, this 1947 building will house the museum’s exhibits, meeting space and offices and will open in December 2018. The current facility, open since 1987, and the Hawkins House will be closed temporarily in January 2018. The space will reopen mid-2018 after a few small renovations are done to turn the current exhibit galleries into dedicated education and meeting space.

That’s going to change Jan. 1. The 1895 Hawkins House and the Key Wing will close, Wendling says, but patrons will have a lot to anticipate in 2018. Here, Wendling answers some questions for Free Weekly readers.

Q. So the majority of the museum’s galleries will be in the Hailey building? And the Key Wing will be mostly educational, with the Attic and First Street and meeting and classroom space?

A. The main galleries will be in the Hailey Building. The Attic and First Street will remain but will mostly be used by the educators. Key Wing will also be used for meetings and classrooms. The Hawkins House will be open for guided tours on the hour starting in the summer.

Q. The closing on Jan. 1 is essentially so everything and everyone can move to the Hailey building?

A. Basically, but we will be doing some renovations to the Key Wing as well.

Q. The Key Wing and the Hawkins House will reopen sometime in the spring? Then the Hailey building in December?

A. Key Wing and Hawkins House will reopen in the summer. And yes, the Hailey building will open in December.

Q. Will the museum be doing any kind of outreach or exhibits in other places while the Key Wing is closed?

A. While we are closed, our community exhibits at the Adult Wellness Center, Rogers Public Library, Center for Non-profits, and the Promenade Mall will remain open to the public and will be rotated every three months as usual. Our educators will continue to go to the classrooms across Northwest Arkansas teaching students, and we will gladly give talks to any community group that is interested. The research library, in the Key Wing, will be available upon request, and availability will depend on our construction schedule.

— Becca Martin-Brown



Rogers Historical Museum

WHEN — 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Saturday until Jan. 1 except Christmas Day and Dec. 26

WHERE — 322 S. Second St. in Rogers

COST — Free

INFO — 621-1154

BONUS — “A Rogers Christmas” remains on exhibit in the Hawkins House through December.

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