Excerpts from “Too Long At The Fair” By Rebeccah Buchanan

Excerpts from “Too Long At The Fair” By Rebeccah Buchanan
Courtesy Photo

Courtesy Photo

Local poet Rebeccah Buchanan will be releasing her newest collection of poems, “Too Long At The Fair” Sunday, May 29.

A reading is planned for May 29 at 3 p.m. at Ozark Folkways, 22733 US-71, Winslow, Ark. 72959.

In addition to reading her newest release, Buchanan will read excerpts from her first book of poems, “Red Bear with Extremely White Teeth.”

Copies of the new book will be available at Ozark Folkways for $10. Anyone who would like a copy can email Buchanan atthatbeckygirl@hotmail.com, and she is offering to mail a signed copies.

Here are a few excerpts from “Too Long At The Fair”:



“I took that thing by the tail and Oh MY God!”

“I brought it in and put it on the table

and Woo-Who was that GOOD!”

God is three feet from my face,

and I do not know whether to build Him a temple

or put Him in a home.



A shot glass of tiny colored pills,

a alter

to a man

who has moved

from a house,

into a home.



“We are a no restraint facility.

Clients may come and go as they like.”

The nurse whispers the combination to the locked door, as I struggle.

(She does not attempt to restrain me.)



Suspended inside its dark shell,

the tiniest bird


breaks free

to the stars.



“Mother’s old dog barks at shadows

that change with the moving clouds.

She is like that.”

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