Keeping Up With The Changes in Fayetteville

Keeping Up With The Changes in Fayetteville
Nick BrothersThe Free Weekly Managing Editor

Nick Brothers
The Free Weekly Managing Editor

Fayetteville is looking mighty fine these past couple days, and mighty green, especially. The trees are all in full bloom after the pale brown Arkansas winter.

Also true to this this time of year, there’s a helluva lot of construction going on around town you all have surely encountered in your commutes throughout town. And no, as far as I know I don’t think there’s another Kum & Go or Casey’s being built. Lord knows we’ll never have enough of those.

As every bad driver who’s ever been through College Avenue by now knows, College is getting a makeover from Maple to North street, and that means to closure of the right lane during construction hours, 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. during the week.

The construction is predicted to last about nine months. That might sound like a big ol’ doozy, but as all good things in time, the plans for it are going to be great.

Once completed, the road will be lined with 10 foot sidewalks with new street lamps and trees along the way. The power lines will also be buried underneath, and many of the curbs and gutters along the street will be replaced. There’s also plans for a pedestrian crossing near East Rebecca Street and Trenton Boulevard if permitted by the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department.

For as much as an artery that College is for the town, these improvements are necessary if we really want to be an urban-pedestrian environment. It’s going to look good.

Seriously, be excellent to each other, let your pal merge and merge before you hit the orange cones. Otherwise, let this be the summer of bottlenecking College Avenue, forever and always.

Now on Dickson Street, it should be ancient news to mention that Jose’s closed up shop and sold to the rowdy cowboy, daisy-duke-emblazoned hootenany franchise JJ’s Grill. The bar is building a new steel structure for a new stage and covered patio.

So, for a few more weeks we’re going to have to deal with the Stop/Slow sign people who are telling us what’s up. Honestly, for the time being, it’s pretty advisable to just ignore taking Dickson Street until the crews have finished up. Alternative routes to the university or the rest of Dickson could be taking Maple Street, entering from downtown on Center Street or entering from the south on School Avenue.

Soon enough we should all buckle up for what’s going to be an awesome addition to Dickson Street, a real Dickson Street Theater. The current location that houses the event space of the Dickson Street Theater has been bought and will be torn down to build a brand new three story structure that will be called The Lumiere — named after the two French inventors who were some of the first filmmakers. The theater is to be called August and Louie, after Auguste and Louis Lumiere.

The theater is planned to have two screens, a cafe, auditorium and rooftop deck. Renown architect Marlon Blackwell will be designing the building. Guests will be able to bring their food and drinks into the theater, too. It’s going to be an independent theater, so the owners can show whichever movies they please, whether they’re cult classics, movie marathons, indie films or local films.

To keep an eye out for updates on the project, you can sign up on the email list at I already did.

Thanks for reading.

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