Infighting And Political Realities

Infighting And Political Realities
Courtesy Photo CNN Democratic presidential debate features candidates Sen. Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton at Wynn Las Vegas.

Courtesy Photo
CNN Democratic presidential debate features candidates Sen. Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton at Wynn Las Vegas.

The Democratic Party has to get over itself. This infighting, between Sanders supporters and Clinton supporters, has got to stop. It’s inane, it’s pointless, and it’s been so blown out of proportion that somehow Hillary Rodham Clinton is now equal to the antichrist to many Americans.

How the hell did that happen? There are lots of things that made Hillary Clinton worth fighting against, from her Wall Street record to her tendency to change stances depending on what the masses want (not necessarily the worst feature in the leader, honestly), but she is not the second coming of Dick Cheney and we need to stop pretending like she is.

I’m more than aware that Bernie Sanders plans to take his campaign all the way to the Democratic National Convention, but this is not 1936 and the Great Depression, and as much as I love him, Bernie Sanders is not Franklin Delano Roosevelt. That reality needs to be dealt with first. And while I know that many folks he’s brought in from the fringes were never going to vote Democrat to begin with, those who did claim the donkey beforehand need to get over themselves, and unify behind the party candidate.

This may sound demanding and unreasonable, but I’m sorry, we’ve never had an actual, honest-to-god fascist with an actual chance at the highest office in the land. Donald Trump presents a clear and present danger to the United States of America and everything we stand for.

Trump and his tiny little baby hands has promised more than a few war crimes, the CIA has projected open civil and military revolt under his presidency, and we’ve already seen previews of the first half of that sentence. He’s promised to murder the families of terrorists, meaning the children, parents, brothers and sisters. He’s promised he wouldn’t be afraid to launch nukes, something we haven’t actually done (though we’ve come frighteningly close) since World War II.

Trump is often compared to Hitler, something that is done so often in the political landscape that it begins to lose its meaning. I used to call George W. Bush Hitler, and that is just… so far off from the reality we’re currently facing.

Donald Trump is the actual second coming of Hitler, as hard as that may be to believe. His campaign lines up eerily well with Adolf’s initial campaign in Germany, from the coming out of nowhere to the blatant xenophobia and vilifying of an entire ethnic group.

It is now apparently a mathematical impossibility for Ted Cruz to win the nomination, and Kasich hasn’t had a chance from the beginning, so the idea of a Trump presidency is quickly becoming the exact opposite of a joke it once was.

Unity is the only thing that can win the day, and this goes for both Hillary and Bernie supporters: just stop. Stop being at war with one another, stop the sexism, stop the blatant dismissal, stop fighting each other over Wall Street and Benghazi.

The fracture has got to be fixed, because this country cannot fall into the hands of someone who has been endorsed by all of America’s most notorious racists. The very fact he’s admitted to favoring Muslims wearing ID badges should immediately disqualify him from the Republican ticket, and anyone who doesn’t immediately imagine the Holocaust because of that needs a history lesson.

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