Delightful Halloween Date Destinations

Delightful Halloween Date Destinations

Photo By Claire Ala

By Claire Ala

An excellent playlist, windows down, music up, color changing leaves and most importantly a significant other are necessities for a destination date to the Ozark Corn Maze. The drive to neighboring Cave Springs is less than 30 minutes away from Fayetteville. The Ozark Corn Maze is enjoyable at any age, but it focuses on family-friendly, resulting in kid and stroller traffic.

No worries, there is plenty of labyrinth for everyone to explore. There are even large grassy areas ideal for spreading out a blanket for cloud watching or stargazing. Besides the nice scenery there are three different mazes on the 56-acre site. Admission is $12 for access to Razorback themed maze, a haunted maze and a children’s maze.

The 6-acre Razorback themed maze is a challenge — not bad for only $8 (the single maze fee). The haunted maze opens when the sun goes down and monsters come out giving a good scare.

If the maze adventure gets old, there are other things to see. Spend some time climbing on gigantic haystacks or pose for photos with a scarecrow. Go for a tractor ride to pick pumpkins at the convenient on-site patch. The pumpkins cost 50 cents per pound.

The Ozark Corn Maze has a legit 2-in-1 setup with the pumpkin patch and mazes, but the corn is on the short side … providing zero shade. Sunglasses are a must for the day. A night visit might be more enjoyable for adults because two mazes are available for wandering, plus the dark makes it difficult to peek through the corn. The mazes take some time so make sure to go on a completely duty-free, relaxing day.

So paying money to get lost in corn isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time. Another option is the Nightmares Haunted House in Bentonville. Admission is $13 and all proceeds are donated to the Bentonville Breakfast Lions Club charities. Horror movie lovers and fear seekers will love the grotesque atmosphere. Couples get ready to cozy up for protection against the houseful of nightmarish characters.

Walking through a haunted house and corn maze is a nice change to the typical dinner and a movie date scenario. Overpriced popcorn and a crowded movie theater will always be there … don’t be routine, step outside to see what the Ozarks has to offer and surprise that special someone with a memorable date.

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