Infinity Braid Made Easy

Infinity Braid Made Easy

From Mayapple Salon and Boutique’s own Roxie Hunt, here is an Infinity Braid tutorial featuring Brooke Boatright. For more inspired DIY hair tutorials and hair knowledge, check out

Step 1 For this gorgeous look, you will need to section the head into three parts. Two small side sections, and one large on down the middle.





Step 2 One side will be french braided, one side will be a regular braid. The middle section will be a regular braid. Secure them each with a small elastic.





Step 3 Now, starting on your center braid,wrap it loosely into a bun, pinning around the bun to secure it in place.





Step 4 Then, the small regular braid will be wrapped under the middle bun and around it, pinning it into place.





Step 5 The french braid on the other side will be wrapped over the top of the bun and around the other way, pinning it into place.






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