Good-bye Goodfolks

Dear Editor,

Thank you for the article about Mike Shirkey and GoodFolk Productions in your June 14 issue.

I think Ms. Jarvis captured well the unique beauty of the venue that Mike created for scores of America’s best folk musicians and the audiences he attracted . The picture of Mike on your cover is great.

Those of us who have been addicted to Mike’s shows for many years can only hope that the atmosphere in a different place will come close to that being left behind.

I offer one small correction to the article’s reference to a letter I wrote to the Arkansas Times extolling GoodFolk and lightly complaining about its having been left out of an Arkansas Times list of stellar Arkansas music venues. Mike did not ask that I write the letter, nor did I inform him that I planned to write it. I wondered why I did not hear from him about the letter until a week or so after it was published. When he called to say he was surprised, and thanks, he said he reckoned that the Arkansas Times had just not “ever heard” of GoodFolk.

Again, thank you for such a good send-off for the old house and the hopes for its future and that of GoodFolk Productions.


David Newbern

Categories: Commentary