Happy Hour Review


318 Campbell Ave

Fayetteville, AR 72701

(479) 527-0086

The bar is dark and airy. It’s pretty darn swanky, and the staff means business. Don’t be intimidated. Under the dark decor, there is a welcoming personality.


The trick to this Happy Hour is that it’s a short-lived two hours (Monday through Friday). Drinks made with well spirits are $4, but also there are select cocktails for $5 and mojitos and house wines for $4. OK, so that satisfies us boozehounds, but for the foodies, Theo’s offers more than drinks — and for less than a combo at McDonalds, you can get quality food with premium service.

The Cheese Plate

Staff Photo by Blair Jackson: The cheese plate is a great Happy Hour treat for the newbie foodie or the tenured palate.

Oh, where to begin? I didn’t know. Looking at a plateful of meats, cheeses and fruits; and trying to decide how to pair the flavors was a challenge. I asked the bar manager for assistance, and these are the creations that evolved. 1) Prosciutto (dry-cured ham, thinly sliced), brie (soft cow’s cheese), with honey drizzled on top — a salty, sweet sensation. 2) Fruit, nuts, tasso (heavily spiced cured pork shoulder) also drizzled with honey — a surprising melody of flavors. 3) Blueberry chevre (cheese made with from goat milk) with apples, fruits and nuts — a sweet, crisp and creamy bite. Again, only $5, but what winds up on the plate is the chef’s choice. There are many options for tastes here, and you could potentially have a new combination with each bite. The platter is served with toasted bread.

The Braised Pork Shoulder
Upon being served, I took one look at my knife and thought, “How am I going to cut through this

Staff Photo by Blair Jackson: Braised pork shoulder served with Asian pears and Daikon slaw. Only $5 during Theo's Happy Hour.

slab of meat with a butter knife?”
Then, I began cutting, and it just fell apart. I am not even kidding — it was that tender.
Apparently, it’s braised throughout the day, all day.
The Hoisin sauce is sweet and tangy.
The slaw is made with daikon carrots and Napa cabbage; also tossed with the Hoisin sauce.
The Asian pears are crisp, cool and refreshing.
Anyone who likes traditional BBQ should give this dish a whirl.

The Raspberry and Lime Cosmopolitan
This twist on a traditional cocktail is a definite win for Theo’s.
The raspberry lends a sweeter, fresher taste to the cranberry-laden Cosmos of established cocktail convention.
The vodka, which is made in-house, takes about three weeks to reach peak flavor.
I recommend using the lime juice from the garnish to add more zest to the drink.

The Basil Gimlet
An interesting concoction of Theo’s basil syrup (made from locally grown basil), freshly squeezed lime juice and Polar Ice vodka, the basil gimlet is sweet and flavorful.
Those who like basil and lime will enjoy this drink, though it carries a bit of a bite.
Theo’s martinis are lined with crush-ed ice, and the effect of sipping through ice is a bit like drinking a slushie out of a martini glass. Adjust to this, and all is well.

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