Bordino's Happy Hour

Bordino's Happy Hour

Something for Everyone

Bordino’s Restaurant

Fine Dining, Wine & Martini Bar

310 W. Dickson Street

Fayetteville, AR 72701

Phone: (479) 527-6795

Classy, but not intimidating, the Bordino’s bar offers a mellow, sophisticated mood with dim lighting and an excellent attention to detail.

At $5 a pop for well-made cocktails, you get more for your money after 9 p.m. and all day on Fridays.



Sold as the “Man’s Cosmo,” the gin-based cocktail is a knockout. Smooth, smooth, smooth — this is an excellent alternative to overly sweet or fruity cocktails. The only gin drink I have ever enjoyed, the Retrotini is crisp and sweet, with white cranberry and orange curacao. It is as clean and refreshing as a Shirley Temple on a summer day. The drink comes garnished with craisins for aesthetics. It can be ordered without the garnish to keep the appearance of a straight up martini. Ladies, this drink is for you too. Deliciousness has no gender identity.



Bulleit Press

Infused with bing cherries, the bourbon is mixed with equal parts of seven and soda and served with a lemon wedge. The sweetness of the cherries is balanced by the citrus of the soda, and if you add the juice from the garnish, the cocktail is transformed into a drink that offers refreshment of Arnold Palmer proportions. Non-bourbon drinkers, be warned, this is a stout drink.




French Martini

In another classic cocktail, pineapple juice is used to imitate the taste of cake, lending a sweet tartness to the mix. Made with mandarin vodka and raspberry liqueur, there is no bite in this martini, only sweetness. This is one dangerously sweet cocktail, evoking the taste of raspberry cheesecake.





Key Lime Martini

Attention all those who love a sweet, sweet cocktail: if you haven’t tasted the sensation that is whipped cream vodka, get with the program. In the Key Lime Martini, the rich, creamy sweetness of whipped cream vodka is paired with freshly squeezed lime juice, making this martini a great balance between sweet and tart.





The Classic Manhattan

Made with Seagrams VO, this drink is not for the faint of heart. With sweet vermouth and bitters, this is one of my all-time favorites of the classic martinis. It can also be ordered on the rocks.






Chocolate Martini

Bordino’s version of this common cocktail carries a bit of a bite, but is drowned out by sweet frothiness of milk and cream. The standout feature of this drink is the chocolate drizzled on the glass, which is a special chocolate sauce made by the Bordino’s pastry chef. You can jazz up the cocktail by adding mint, raspberry, hazelnut or butterscotch flavoring. Unless you hanker for a chocolate martini the way The Dude thirsts for White Russians, I would suggest being more adventurous.





The Bird Dog

This drink evokes a range of sensations: sweet, salty and bitter. Made with coconut rum and served in a rocks glass with a salted rim, this drink has too many sensations to bear at once. I asked for a splash of lime juice to make this drink bearable. I hear that people who like grapefruit juice actually enjoy the Bird Dog, but my personal experience puts it at the bottom of the list.



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