What The … ?!!!

Yeah, I know you’re not supposed to take shots at softball targets. I’m doing it anyway.
While thousands upon thousands of people packed into close quarters enjoyed themselves in mostly calm and reasonable fashion, this guy thought he’d waste a Saturday night to remind everyone at Bikes, Blues & BBQ that “The Party Ends In Hell.”
Thanks, Captain Buzzkill.
That’s right. Enjoy that kettle korn now, ‘cause the party ends in hell! Rev the throttle on that custom-built chopper now, ‘cause pretty soon you’re gonna get a pitchfork in the tuckus!
The only inferences you can draw from this sign is that any fun is unfortunately a damning offense and that this guy knows better than you do what it takes to gain entry to the inferno.
Most of the rally is as tame and sane as a First Thursday on the Fayetteville square. You might as well hold up “The Party Ends In Hell” beneath the Ferris wheel at the Washington County Fair. Some people were still pushing baby strollers up and down Dickson after 9 p.m. during rally evenings.
That’s the easy part. That’s the part of the sign where you just chuckle and move on. It’s the back side that makes my neck veins throb:”
“Women Be Meek, Quiet and Covered.”
The bottom corner of his sign references 1 Timothy Chapter 2 as his source. Start reading around Verse 9 for some of the most insulting, patriarchal nonsense ever put to paper, particularly if taken to literal extremes.
As I get older, I figure my chances of getting married again keep taking a nosedive, but you can be sure, if I do, she won’t be meek, quiet or covered. OK, she can wear a heavy sweater in winter … but only on alternate Tuesdays!
A friend of mine once said, in regards to the Dickson Street sign holders, that you have to admire anyone who has the courage to follow their convictions. My response has always been that the likes of Jim Jones, the Taliban and al-Qaida all followed their convictions.
I prefer a quote that a wife of one of my best and longest friends likes to toss out on occasion: “Well-behaved women rarely make history.”
Here’s to women making history.

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