While reading Bob Caudle’s commentary in the daily newspaper on “Trees, Fudville, Monkey Dream,” I noticed a particular assumption on his part which was not based on fact, but popular historic mythology. In his column, he casually refers to Bill Clinton as the person “who swears he didn’t climb that tree at the University that he climbed.” At the time of the incident in the late 1960s, I was in graduate art school and had an opportunity to witness much of the arboreal drama as it unfolded behind Old Main. To this day, I do not know the name of the person who was actually in the tree, but I have known Bill Clinton for years, and I am pretty certain that it was not him. Of course, I realize that in contemporary column writing, particularly that of a humorous nature, stretching the truth is a necessary ingredient. Nevertheless, Mr. Caudle’s reference to Bill’s alleged, historic escapade is not only misinformed, but insinuates that lying is just as natural to Bill Clinton as the bags under his eyes. Hey, I’m as open to free expression and a liberal serving of corn as the next person, but I do grow weary of people distorting historical facts in order to advance their point of view, humorous or otherwise.

Jan Gosnell

21st Century Candidate

During our last mayoral race I met an energetic young man named Greg Leding. I was impressed with his enthusiasm for civic participation as well as his innovative technological skills. I am supporting Greg Leding, a 21st century candidate, for State Representative because he will be a bridge builder and a visionary, able to address the needs of our growing and changing population. He is a good listener and caring individual, and he’s smart with a good sense of humor. Please check out his Web site at www.greleding.com. Please vote for Greg Leding for State Representative on May 18.

Louise Mann

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