Nick Fest

By Kelly Mulhollan

The first ever “Nick Fest,” honoring the late Nick Masullo, will take place at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the new Omni Center, 3274 Lee Ave. in Fayetteville.

The event is an “open mic” for musicians and poets to perform Nick’s songs or present their own song about this Fayetteville luminary.

Nick is well known for his songs and was also a peacemaker. The event will be a fundraiser to help the Omni Center purchase an energy-efficient roof for its new building.

It has been a year since we lost Nick to multiple sclerosis. Many of us were touched by his music and his songs have made a permanent imprint on our lives. Many were touched by his bottomless well of kindness and generosity. Throughout his long struggle, Nick somehow continued to give to our community right up to the finish line.

Nick was a prolific artist, producing four CDs and two books of essays. Most of this came forth after the onset of MS. Rallying around Nick’s struggle became a strong force that pulled a whole community together, but without Nick here to remind us, we could easily drift apart and get caught up in our own web. It’s up to us to nurture this gift that Nick gave us. I know that nothing would make Nick happier than to know that his songs are carrying on in our community. That’s what Nick Fest is about.

If you would like to contribute a Nick Masullo song or poem or have a question, call 582-2291 or e-mail still@

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