Bring in the houseplants

When is the right time to bring in house plants?

House plants should be brought indoors when night temperatures begin to get colder. In other words, now. Be sure when you take the plants in there are no hitchhikers. Hose off the lower and upper surfaces of the leaves. Be sure there are no critters hiding in the soil by placing the pot in a large container and pouring a solution of one tablespoon Lysol to one gallon of water. Pour this over the soil until the solution is level with the rim of the pot. Let it stand for about 10 minutes and then drain the plant. Then it will be safe to take the plant indoors without any uninvited guests.

I have heard that rose hips are edible. Is that true and can they be used?

Rose hips, the pods of the rose, are very high in vitamin C. They can be cooked and made into a jam or dried and brewed for a tea. The taste is very sour, sweetening is necessary for most people.

I planted some dogwood trees about two years ago. How long do I wait for them to bloom?

Sometimes dogwoods are temperamental about blooming. However, some conditions can make the difference. Insufficient light will keep them from blooming. They can take some shade, but not heavy shade. Dogwoods set their buds in late summer, which is usually a dry time in Northwest  Arkansas, extra watering at this time is helpful.

Can I grow Muscadine grapes in Northwest Arkansas?

Muscadine grapes are not grown in Northwest Arkansas, not as a commercial crop. Some gardeners have been successful in growing them by carefully putting them in a warm protected place such as the wall of a south facing building. It is worth a try.

Tip: If you are planning to plant a tree or any other woody perennial, now is the time to look around at the color and performance of established landscapes.

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