George’s: Silversun Pickups, Manchester Orchestra, Cage The Elephant

Thursday, Sept. 17

Arsaga’s Crossover: Matt Noble

George’s: Disco Biscuits, Two Fresh

Jose’s Southwest Grill: Karaoke

Jose’s Streetside: Big Bad Bubba

Mellow Mushroom: Tiffany Christopher

Pesto Cafe: Sarah Hughes

Smoke & Barrel: Opal Fly

Teatro Scarpino: Kahula Gypsy Band

Friday, Sept. 18

Arsaga’s Crossover: Apt. 5, Star & Micey

Boomer’s Time Out: Blackwater

Drifters: One Night Stand

Ella’s: Timothy Paul

Fatty Hacker’s: Kincaid Karaoke

George’s: Full House, Boombox, Nate Hancock

Gypsy: The Scandals, Warcola, The Fucktards, Genome Chomsky, The Pullout Method

Jammin Java: Tiffany Christopher

Jose’s Southwest Grille: Earl’s Garage

Mellow Mushroom: Sarah Hughes

The Perk: Open Mic

Pig & Whistle: Randall Shreve & The Sideshow

Teatro Scarpino: Adele & the Matts

Tom Kats: Furious George

Saturday, Sept. 19

Arsaga’s Crossover: Jeff Graham

Bayou: Ben Del Shreve

Boomer’s Time Out: The Vinyl Kings

Drifters: Karaoke

George’s: Boombox

Jammin Java: Tiffany Christopher

Jose’s Southwest Grille: Eban & the Naturals

Little O’Oprey: Live Jam

Louie’s: Darren Ray

Savor: The Andrew Sieff Jazz Group

Soul: Jazz

Tom Kats: Furious George

Sunday, Sept. 20

Common Grounds: Tiffany Christopher, Sarah Hughes

Copeland’s: Claudia Burson Trio

Fez Hooka Lounge: Jovan Arellano

George’s: Old Crow Medicine Show, The Felice Brothers, Chuck Mead of BR549

Jose’s Streetside: Isayah Warford, Kory Montgomery & Friends

Mellow Mushroom: The Crumbs

Pesto Cafe: Shannon Wurst

Monday, Sept. 21

George’s: Silversun Pickups, Manchester Orchestra, Cage The Elephant

Gypsy: Songwriter Night with Jovan Arellano

Jose’s Southwest Grill: Open Mic

The Perk: Open Acoustic Jam

Pesto Cafe: Darren Ray

U.S. Pizza: Kevin & John


Tuesday, Sept. 22

Bayou: Blues Jam

George’s: Mike Zito CD release party

Herman’s: Waoka Music

Jose’s Southwest Grille: Joe Giles & the Homewreckers

Smiling Jack’s: Effron White

Teatro Scarpino:  McLeod Burson Jazz Quartet

Wednesday, Sept. 23 BB&BBQ

Drifters: Karaoke

Ella’s: Jazz

George’s: Kory Montgomery

Ironhorse: Jazz

Jose’s Streetside: Karaoke

Mellow Mushroom: Jovan Arellano

Modern Cafe: Bluegrass Jam with Ron Wilbourn

Thursday, Sept. 24 BB&BBQ

Arsaga’s Crossover: Dustin Jones

George’s: Kory Montgomery, Oreo Blue, Big Bad Bubba

Drifters: Matt Reeves

Jose’s Southwest Grill: Karaoke

Pesto Cafe: Kevin Bennoch

Smoke & Barrel: Opal Fly

Teatro Scarpino: Big Bad Gina


Arsaga’s Crossover: 527-0690

Bayou: 246-9337

Boomer’s Time Out: 715-6530

Common Grounds: 442-3515

Copeland’s: 246-9455

Drifters: 444-1997

Ella’s Restaurant: 582-0400

Fatty Hacker’s: 751-0881

Fez Hookah Lounge: 582-1902

George’s: 442-4226

Gypsy: 444-1945

Herman’s Rib House: 442-9671

Iron Horse: 631-9977

Jammin Java: 443-2233

Jose’s Southwest Grille: 750-9055

Jose’s Streetside: 521-0194

Little O’Oprey: 839-2992

Louie’s Grill & Bar: 718-0001

Mellow Mushroom: 521-1001

Modern Cafe: 966-4616

The Perk: 856-6382

Pesto Cafe: 582-3330

Savor: 587-8325

Smoke & Barrel: 521-6880

Soul Restaurant & Lounge: 442-0800

Teatro Scarpino: 409-3772

Tom Kats: 631-7881

U.S. Pizza: 582-4808


Buffalo Run Casino

Miami, Okla.,

Saturday: Little Big Town

Downstream Casino Resort

Quapaw, Okla.,

Friday: Full Flava Kings

Saturday: FOS Project, Trash Angels

Wednesday: Rich McCready Band

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