Crab Apples, Scales

Are crab apples good to eat?

Crab apples are edible, that is, they are nonpoisonous. However, they are hard and not very tasty. They do make a very good jelly because they have a high amount of natural pectin.

How can I get rid of scale on my fern before I take it into the house?

Be sure it is scale. Scales are sometimes mistaken for reproductive spores produced by the fern. Remove the scale by spraying with horticultural oil. Repeat if necessary.

When is the best time to move a hydrangea and how should I do it?

Hydrangea should be moved as soon as possible after bloom. Carefully prepare the new site and gently dig up the bush. Save as much root and soil as possible. Water thoroughly and continue watering about once a week until frost sets in.

I would like to build a tree house for my children by using a tree trunk that is about 20 inches in diameter. Will it hurt the tree?

A few nails will not hurt a healthy mature tree. Use as few nails as possible. Do not girdle the tree with wire or meal sheeting. It can kill the tree.

Is using a chemical lawn service for growing grass too harsh for the environment?

There are many varieties of lawn fertilizer and other lawn additives. Your best bet is to talk with some of the lawn companies and make a decision on their product and service.

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