Big Fete Planned For Apartment King

daddyBy Daddy Warbucks

Come this fall a b-i-g fundraiser for the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame will be held at the Northwest Arkansas Convention Center honoring Jim Lindsey of Fayetteville.

Letters went out to ASHF members over the past few weeks and allegedly some $90,000 in tickets have already been sold. Wow.

The Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame letter, written by former University of Arkansas Trustee Stanley Reed, invited folks to “pony up” for $1,500 for a table of 10; or sponsorships of $5,000, $10,000, $15,000 or the Platinum level of $25,000 to honor Lindsey.

The UA Razorback class of 1964, the National Championship year by UA standards, will also be honored at this event.

In the letter, Reed gushes over Lindsey’s success in business, noting that the former UA and Minnesota Viking gridder has parlayed his fortune into 14 single family subdivisions; 136 apartment complexes; 12 condominium complexes that equal 35,000 apartments in some eight southern states.

The Lindsey family also controls 42 golf courses.

At the big celebration there will be 13 speakers ranging from Jerry Jones, Lindsey’s former UA teammate and owner of the Dallas Cowboys to Lindsey’s junior high football coach at Forrest City, Bill Elass.

It’s gonna take a long night to honor this sports and business legend and a dynamite fundraiser.

Big Question

What percentage of American males hold onto mementos from an ex-girlfriend or ex-wife? Answer at the end.

Shares Fall

The ups and downs of the protein business in this recession sure are taking a toll on Tyson Foods. The stock was placed on “hold” status last week after being a “buy.” Let us all hope the closures and downsizing of plants, employees and the members of the protein chain will stabilize soon.

Selling Bonds

Wal-Mart the world’s third largest corporation is selling some $500 million in bonds on the U.S. market in hopes of raising some cash for global expansion, Daddy W. has learned. Stay tuned.

New Digs

Medical Associates of Northwest Arkansas, commonly known as MANA, will open its new offices at 3383 N. Mana Court Drive near the intersection of College Avenue and Futrall Drive today.

Falling Taxes

Again the sales tax revenue for all the major cities in NWA has fallen. The biggest loser, no surprise is Springdale, with a 7.6 percent decline over sales taxes collected a year ago. Next was Rogers, down 5.87 percent, Fayetteville, down 4.45 percent and Bentonville, down 3.58 percent. Let us all hope this trend reverses itself, and quickly.

Bids Done Well

The parking deck at the Washington County Courthouse finally went out for public bid and the results are great. Less than what the previous County Judge’s administration had agreed to without bids. But does this make the local attorneys happy? Well, some. One old sorehead we hear can’t even be happy with the current administration saving the taxpayers money.

Need A Bank

Those overseas expansion plans that Daddy W. told you about, well Wal-Mart is also buying some highly volatile yen-based notes from the BND Paribas Securities in Japan, the Mitsubishi UFJ Securities and Mizuho Securities Co. These yen-based financial instruments are called Samurai Bonds. And Wal-Mart is buying 300 billion or about $3.2 billion in good of U.S. of A. dollars. Why? How risky? Is this the price for doing business over there?

Redbox Pays

All those Redbox video rental boxes, owned by Coinstar, the company that will count your loose change, is now also paying Sony for release of its DVDs. The amount is $460 million. Wow. Who knew counting pennies and renting videos would make so much scratch.


The AMP had to postpone until a later date, the appearance of Peter Frampton. The new concert date is Aug. 21. Something about some concert equipment damaged in the rain.


Looks like the postponed Willie Nelson gig at the Northwest Arkansas Convention Center is back on for September. Hold your breath and your tickets folks.

Big Answer

Approximately 80 percent of all American males horde some memento from an ex.

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