Bermuda & Bagworms

How can I keep Bermuda grass out of my flower garden?

Bermuda grass knows no boundaries. The following  should  be at least some help. Dig a trench about six inches deep and four inches wide around your garden. Remove all soil and  grass plants from the ditch. Check the ditch at least once a week and remove any grass that might have crept in.

Bagworms are attacking my cedar tree. How can I stop them from killing my trees?

Little brown bags are what is known as bagworms. They start their damage in late summer chewing and getting bigger all the time. Pick off and destroy any you can reach. Spray the small bugs with Sevin. Respray after 10 days if leaf damage is still occurring. Hand pick and destroy bags in winter  to reduce the number of eggs.

How much should I water a tree after it is planted?

A newly planted tree should be watered every day after it is planted. This is especially necessary if the tree is planted during hot weather. Two buckets of water is about right for a tree that is six feet tall. At the end of summer, one bucket of water is enough each for about a week.

A sunken, water soaked spot has developed on the blossom end of my tomatoes. What is wrong and what should I do about it?

Your tomatoes have blossom end rot. This occurs on pepper, squash, and watermelon due to a lack of calcium in the developing fruits. This results from slow growth and damaged roots caused by many factors including fluctuations in soil moisture, excessive dry weather, excess soil salts, cultivating too close to the plant. The rotted area is unsightly , but the rest of the fruit is edible.

Is it OK to trim some leaves from my maple tree now?

It is okay to do some pruning now and until the end of August. The trees have stopped  active growth and have not started to go into dormancy. If you wait later than August, pruning will stimulate growth and the tree will not be prepared for the cold winter.

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