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Grocery tax drops another cent

daddyBy Daddy Warbucks

Did you notice that penny tax reduction on our grocery bill? Of course you didn’t. Even though you didn’t notice, you left the grocery store with a little more change in your pocket last week. The reduction of the state’s regressive tax on groceries was reduced by another penny on July 1. There is still a 2-cent tax on groceries, but never fear, Gov. Mike Beebe pledges to see if that pittance of a tax can be removed in the future. Daddy’s guessing this will happen when his re-election bid comes around in a little less and a year. The first grocery tax reduction was a couple of years ago when half of the state’s six-cent grocery tax was dropped. Major (and minor) retailers say the drop has had no effect on shoppers. In these tough economic times, folks are buying less and looking for more bargains. But all in all, dropping any tax is nice. So enjoy.

Big Question

What percentage of southern homes with children younger than age 10 were popping firecrackers during the July 4 holiday? Answer at the end.

Club Shrinking

Count your nickels and dimes folks, the Millionaires Club is shrinking. Yes, recent statistics show that the recession has caused a 15 percent dip in the number of millionaires. Even so, there are still 8.6 million of ’em. 

Big Lots

We’ve mentioned this before and now the sign is up. Big Lots! is coming to Fiesta Square in the old Trees N Trends location (once a Wal-Mart). Daddy hears the opening will be this fall. 


Out in Farmington there’s a new weekend BBQ joint, Damon’s BBQ and Grill. It features takeout from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Fridays. There is a sign up, but the meat and all the fixin’s come in a wheeled wagon and by 7 p.m. Friday it’s all gone.

All Skate

Like Daddy W. hinted a couple of weeks ago, the Starlight Skatetium is coming to the old Curry’s complex — once home to Curry’s Video and clothing empire on North College. The building will be restored to show off much of the original and unique construction. Looks like disco roller skating will be here soon.

Cross Your Fingers

Fayettevillians have been whining that we don’t have anything close to the gourmet grocery/convenience store like the one up north at Pinnacle. It is impressive and there is nothing like it down this way. But, there’s action going on at one of the convenience stores at the corner of Mission and Crossover and we can only hope, at last there may be a gourmet market in our hometown. 

Now No. 2

It looks like Tyson has again slipped to No. 2. A Brazilian merger has moved Perdiago SA into the No. 1 slot as the world’s largest poultry producer. 

New Name

KUAF, the local NPR affiliate, found a big-time donor and has done the naming rights thing. The new home of KUAF, across from the Fayetteville Public Library, will be called the Lynn and Dr. Joel Carver Center for Public Radio. How much the Carver’s gave on the $1.5 million project was not disclosed. Well under a million Daddy W. has heard.

Permit Request

Looks like a new alcohol permit has been requested by John Dortch for Big John’s Bar and Grill at 3300 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, the former home of Quittin’ Time. We shall watch with interest.

Coors Moving

The state Beverage Control Board has been asked to allow a move of Coors of Western Arkansas (Wholesale Beer Permit) from 750 S. Hill St. to 1601 Pump Station Road in Fayetteville. 

Walmart Teachers

Looks like the start-up company, 8th & Walton in Bentonville, has hit upon a real deal. They specialize in teaching small-to-mid-sized firms how to deal with the world’s largest retailer. They are well into Mexico and off now to Chile. They are not affiliated with Wal-Mart.

Tops In Real Estate

It was no surprise that Mary Bassett of Fayetteville was ranked one of the top single real estate agents in local listings in the state. The belle of Bassett/Mix Realtors was No. 2 followed by No. 3 Rich Harris of the Griffin Co. of Springdale; Kendall Richards of Crye-Leike of Springdale was No. 5; Margie Molendhauer of ReMax in Fayetteville was No. 6. No. 7 was Stacey McSpadden of Bassett/Mix. Firm wise, three of the top five are in Northwest Arkansas. No. 2 is Lindsey and Associates in Fayetteville. Coldwell Banker Faucette of Fayetteville is No. 4 and Harris McHaney in Rogers if No. 5. The top spot went to Crye-Lieke (a relatively new name to Arkansas) with offices all over the state, including NWA. No. 3 went to Coldwell Banker in Little Rock.

Big Answer

A whopping 82 percent of Southern homes with kids under the age of 10 were poppin’ fireworks of some sort over the July 4 holiday.

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