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Washington County’s Legacy

We are in times of rapid change and growth in this area. Perhaps now is the time for Washington County to conserve vanishing natural and agricultural areas. It is time for our officials to protect the health, welfare, safety, property and quality of life of the citizens of this county, a duty to which they have sworn. Important decisions are being made right now in our local government. Public input and influence are necessary in order to ensure accountability. Involvement by the people of this county is required to secure the values and quality of life we have come to treasure. It is the natural beauty and quality of life that attracted many of us to this area and it will continue to attract others so long as sensitive land use planning is encouraged. There are greater natural resources here than the dollar value of crushed limestone. We are now in a time where forward vision is required to preserve the natural treasures of the Ozarks before they are lost to us forever. What will be the legacy of Washington County? What role will you play? You may contact your elected and appointed officials to express your concerns and wishes. You can be involved in the political process by attending public meetings on land use issues. You can volunteer to be on a city or county committee or participate in an environmental or conservation group.

Contact information for local involvement:   

Washington County Justices of the Peace, County Clerk Office: 444-1711

Aldermen, City of Fayetteville, City Clerk Office: 575-8323

Washington County Planning Board Director: J. Richey, 444-724

Washington County Judge: M. Edwards, 444-1700,

Washington County Environmental Affairs: 444-I725

Fayetteville Forward Economic Accountability Council: fayettevilleforward.accessfayetteville.org       

Fayetteville Natural Heritage Association: www.FayettevilleNaturals.org

West Fayetteville Citizens for Environmental Quality: www.wfceq.com 

   Roma Gray

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