No-No Keno

daddyBy Daddy Warbucks


If one thought the new lotto czar, Ernie Passailaigue, was infallible or bullet proof, think again. He stepped on his own foot thinking that Arkansans would sit still while a game of Keno was played at bars and restaurants. Nope they won’t stand for it. John and Jane Doe Arkansas thought the lotto package would be scratch off tickets, Powerball and a piddling little $1 to $2.5 million lottery winner every month or so. No one envisioned sitting at the local watering hole watching a video monitor and holding a Keno ticket, hoping that some cyber Keno caller somewhere would pony up the numbers on the ticket you bought at the bar as you sipped on your cold one. It just ain’t gonna happen, Ernie. And here’s a hint: You had better quit while you’re ahead. Taking too many daring chances to decipher what the legislation that you didn’t write intended will only have more of those legislators breathing down your neck. Lawmakers will join in the micro-management of your high paid job if you keep on hollering about this Keno game. Only 12 states have Keno. Let’s make a little money the old-fashioned lottery way and start sending kids to college before we add some of these exotic wagering games.

Big Question

What percentage of American adults have never lived outside the state where they were born? Answer at the end of the column.

Low Pop

The number of firework stands (those tent cities that spring forth during this holiday) is down and near record lows. Why? The economy. Who wants to see their money go up in smoke anyway? There will be less pop and sizzle this holiday, but as always, those who can afford fireworks the least will pop the most.

Holiday Ride

The Arkansas Missouri Railroad will offer a new route on July 4 from Springdale to Seligman, Mo., to see the fireworks in the Missouri town. The train leaves Springdale at 5:30 p.m. and gets into Seligman at 9:30 p.m. Looks like it won’t get home until well after midnight.

Big Answer

A whopping 57 percent of American adults have never lived outside the state where they were born. And 37 percent have never lived outside the city where they were born.

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