Kissy Face



By Sheryl Porter


Just the other day, a savvy fashionista asked me “do you have any tricks to make lipstick last longer?  Mine just doesn’t seem to last.”  It really surprises me that in the world of facelifts, botox and laser hair removal that simply creating a lip look that is long wearing is even an issue. 

I guess if you are really plagued by staying power, you can go the route of permanent lipstick.  I am intrigued by this technique.  I have seen ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos and the results are compelling.  But, I can’t help but think that tattooing color on your lips is so…. well, um, permanent!  Think of all the shades you own and love and all the trends to come.  I just can’t see limiting myself to one shade.  

Oh, the possibilities…



I have to admit, I don’t mind public touch-ups.  Reapplying lipsticks is kinda like the ‘after-meal cigarette’ to smokers.  I am always compelled to pull out my shiny, gold compact and the latest ‘it’ shade of lipstick and gloss.  When you’re with your gal pals, this ritual is a ’show and tell’ of what’s hip and cool.  Think of the re-application as a time zapper, if you will… like glancing at your watch, or sending a text message to a friend during idle moments.  Embrace your inner-diva and whip out your make-up case!  Regardless if you are a beauty exhibitonist in the re-application department, here are some tried-and-true tips to prolong the life of your lip look:

 Hydrate- Keeping your lips smooth and hydrated is key!  I am positive dehydration is the culprit to the diva mentioned earlier… her pout was parched! 


Now it’s time to play!  Think: Prime, Color and Gloss. As you add layers of color, matte finishes go closest to your lips and glossy, sheer, shiny finishes are applied last.  Your primer needs to be matte and richly pigmented.  Your color shade can be creamy.  Your finishing gloss shade is sheer and shimmery

Now, Forget what your mom told you about lipliners.  If it doesn’t match your lipstick shade or the color of your lips EXACTLY… I have no use for it.  Chubby two-in-one pencils like Nars Velvet Matte pencils are perfect primers for laying down a pigmented layer of color.  Priming gives your lipstick something to grab on to. Also, with these wide defining pencils, you won’t get that weird ‘ring around the mouth’ fading effect around your lips which is worse that no lipstick at all!!!


Velvet Matte Lip PencilNars Velvet Matte-$24 


When choosing a lipstick, full coverage shades will stay on better than sheerer formulas.  I liken coverage to pantyhose.  Tights are like full-coverage lip color…. They cover you up and show little, if any skin.  Your lightest summer pantyhose are sheer, like lip-gloss, letting lots of light and skin show through.

Some of my top picks for full coverage lipsticks are Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick, *NEW* YSL Rouge Voulpte and Nars Semi-Matte and Satin Formulas.  Many artists suggest applying with a lip brush… this is great when you are putting lipstick on another person, but for personal use, I like it straight from the tube…. and lots of layers!

At this point, since you are using heavily pigmented, semi matte shades, your pout can look a bit dull.  That’s why gloss plays such a big role.  It gives life and sparkle to your long lasting lip look.  Traditionally, the stickier the lip gloss, the better it stays on.  Lancôme Juicy Tubes is a great choice.  I am also a big fan of Lipfusion plumping lip gloss.  I like wearing this by itself for a nice sheer, natural look.


Ok, so having a perfect pout is not easy, unless you are Angelina Jolie.  But, I find these steps almost ritualistic… a right of passage into women hood!  Stay pretty,



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